Actualize Your Compassionate Nature

It is a blessing to be called to a life of compassionate service in the natural healing arts.

To be an instrument of a caring universe.

To consciously accelerate one's evolution through a life of dedicated service.

To take personal responsibility for the healing of humanity.

To live in integrity with one's most cherished beliefs of the sacredness and unity of life.

Bruce Burger MA, RPP CPE

Study with Bruce Burger, Author of
Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness
Founder,  Heartwood Institute

 2011-12   Workshop Schedule

Somatic  Emotional Clearing:
Counseling For Bodyworkers
August 20-21st
Fairbanks, Alaska

October 27-30
Aarhus, Denmark

Energy As Medicine: Career Training

Sept 26-Oct 1, 2011
Placerville, California

Advanced  Energy As Medicine and Polarity Therapy Review and Reunion...
 October 2-8, 2011

Ananda College of Living Wisdom
Nevada City, California

Ultrasonic Core: Energy Balancing and Healing Trauma

October 20-22, 2011
Rome, Italy

Three Week, Shakti Energy As Medicine
Professional Training
& Enlightenment Intensive
Jan 9-27, 2012
San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

Energy  As Medicine Foundation & Intermediate Training
April 22-28, 2012
Ananda College of Living Wisdom
Nevada City, California

NCBTMB Continuing Education
 Approved Provider


Bruce Burger is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

Retroactive Continuing Education Hours are now available for former Energy Medicine, Somatics and Polarity Therapy students. If you have studied  with Bruce in the last two years, you may apply for NCBTMB CE Hours (Continuing Education Hours).

To apply for retroactive CEH: Paypal $20. to, with your name, address, place and date of the workshop in the notes field. I will mail you a CEH certificate for the class.




Bruce Burger MA, is a Registered Polarity Educator (RPE) with the American Polarity Therapy Association.  All workshops earn credit towards Associate Polarity Practitioner (APP) and Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP) certification by the APTA. Students are required to join APTA, pay required fees,  and apply for APP and RPP certification.

As a
Polarity Network certificated, Polarity Therapy Professional (PTP) Bruce's classes earn credit towards certification as an Energy Principles Professional (EPP) and Polarity Therapy Professional (PTP) by The Polarity Network (TPN) and International Polarity Education Alliance (IPEA). Students are required to join TPN, pay required fees, and apply for PTP and EPP certtification.

Energy Medicine

San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan
Lake Atitlan,
San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

Shakti Energy As Medicine
Three Week  Professional Training
& Enlightenment Intensive
Jan 9-27, 2012

Join us at Flower House Therapy Center in San Marcos La Laguna, on lake Atitlan, Guatemala

San Marcos is the "Sedona" of Central America... a powerful vortex for subtle energy. This tiny village, with footpaths rather than roads, hosts numerous yoga and meditation classes, massage and natural therapy centers, pure vegetarian restaurants, and teachers offering Mayan ritual.
San Marcos is located on the shore of lake Atitlan at 5000 ft elevation and offers a perfect climate in January.

We will be offering a powerful intregal approach to healing & liberation:
  • 7 Day Sattvic Vision Quest Cleansing Diet
  • Gayatri Mantra Yoga.... Morning & Sunset
  • Learn Six Energy Balancing Protocols
  • Learn Somatic Emotional Clearing

Enlightenment is our natural state... Only a thin veneer of ignorance stands between us and liberation.
We will take a holistic approach to liberation...grounded in a powerful Sattvic Vision Quest Cleansing Diet, Gayatri Mantra Yoga, powerful Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing Sessions and liberating Somatic Emotional clearing teachniques.

San Marcos La Laguna  Guatemala  Jan 9-27, 2012 Energy as Medicine Healing and Enlightenment Intensive

Week I
The World As Music: Healing  and Self Realization Through Mantra Yoga
Quantum Healing through Therapeutic Presence
Sattvic, Rajasic, Ultrasonic Core Energy Balancing Protocols.

Week II
 Energy As Medicine: Clearing Trauma From The Cellular Memory of the Body
Diaphragm & Heart, Pelvic, & Spine Energy Balancing Protocols.
(Prerequisite: Previous training with Bruce Burger)

Week III
Somatic Emotional Clearing: Rescuing The Inner Child
Sattvic Vision Quest Diet

Classes will be in a palm roofed, round, open air palapa.

Classes will meet from 9 am to 1:30pm,
Monday through Saturday

sliding-scale $300 to $600 per week
Each week earns 27 NCBTMB CEH

You may take 1, 2 or all 3 weeks....
No pre-requisite for week 1 or week 3
Former students may skip week 1


Classes will be at  LaPaz Eco-Lodge

Lovely people, exquisite gardens... sweet lodge, simple rooms... a chance to practice your Spanish...
Healthy lovingly prepared vegetarian food
La Paz rooms will be $20 a day for a single private room,
A bungalow with 4 beds will be $9 per person.
The large house with 6 beds will be $8 per person.
There are a number of more upscale accommodations nearby ($30 to $60 a night double) .

The Guatemala course will be very very deep with 108 rounds of Gayatri chanted each morning & evenings near sunset
and a 7 day Sattvic Vision Quest Diet in the third week. 
There will be an exercise class in the morning and time for touring in the afternoons and on Sundays.

This workshop is not being held at an upscale resort.  It is being offered in the village of San Marcos.

While we will do everything possible to help you... your flights, transportation to San Marcos, lodging and meals are your responsibility.
La Paz Eco-lodge is a peaceful, beautiful, clean, but simple place. You might be used to more upscale accommodations.
If so... please visit Trip Advisor   (Trip Advisor)  and check our FAQs (under construction) for a listing of hotels near the class in the village, and make a reservation.

During the 7 days of the Polarity Diet, we will do our best (considering we are in the third world) to meet your dietary needs.
 Food for the Polarity Diet, will be fresh, as local as possible, but not likely to be organic.
I will be bringing organic herbs for the tea from the US.
Food for the Polarity Diet will be $105 for 7 days  days

Register Now! 
Balance due at workshop sign-in.
Register early: Class size is limited!
Registration ends Dec 15th.

Deposits are $100 for each week

Refund Policy:

Deposit are 90% refundable  up to 2 weeks before the course.
And after that 50% refundable.
 Deposits are to be paid by PayPal  or you can mail your deposit check to
Bruce Burger
8686 Bell Springs Rd #6
Garberville, CA 95542, USA

Payment of Tuition in Guatemala
In Guatemala we can not take credit card payments for tuition.
Please bring a money order or certified check for the balance of tuition or use Paypal.
Make checks payable to Bruce Burger

Pay Your Tuition On-line Now!

Tuition: sliding-scale $300 to $600 per week

You may take 1, 2 or all 3 weeks....
No pre-requisite for week 1 or week 3
Former students may skip week 1

For flexible payments like our sliding scale tuition,
Paypal only offers a "Donation" format, and though I modified the button below to say "Tuition"...
When you click the "Tuition Button" you will go to a Paypal Page that requests that you...
"Please enter your donation amount and click Update Total".

Your Tuition/Donation is fully refundable for 60 days, and after that 97% refundable (3% Paypal fees deducted)

To be clear... $100 @ week deposit portion of tuition paid is
90% refundable
 up to 2 weeks before the course, and after that 50% refundable. 

For example: If you paid $1800. tuition & cancel 10 days before the class. You will be refunded $1650.

For More Information Contact Nadia at Flower House Nadia
Or Bruce Burger at


Somatic  Emotional Clearing
Counseling for Bodyworkers

Fairbanks, AK August 20-21

Aarhus, Denmark  October 27-30

Join the author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness, in this hands-on training in somatic psychology.

We will work with a synthesis of profoundly effective bodywork and counseling techniques, evolved by Heartwood's founder over three decades of research and practice. This conscious approach to body therapy facilitates a cleansing of the body's cellular memory of trauma, and promotes mental and emotional clarity and well-being.

The emphasis is on compassion, presence and vulnerability as attitudes which support a safe space in which the client has permission to heal. We will work with the client as a person, respecting the pathos of their life as a conscious evolving spiritual being. We will approach healing as a creative process that is guided by higher intelligence. We will facilitate a sacred space for releasing the past, quieting the mind and healing the heart.

Heal your life as you learn techniques that can safely be integrated into any massage or bodywork system. These techniques release trauma from the nervous system, facilitate emotional clearing, and promote personal growth.
You will Learn a Powerful Synthesis of Techniques Including:
* Transpersonal Psychology
* Somatic Psychology
* Holding Sacred Space
* Preventing Retraumatization
* Active Listening
* Resource Building
* Somatic Emotional Clearing
* Releasing trauma from the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight).
* Innervating the parasympathetic nervous system ( deep relaxation & well-being.)
* Focusing
* Sensation Based Awareness
* Etheric Plane Communication
* Mantra Yoga

Day Three:
* Rescuing the Inner Child
* Cutting Chords
* Envisioning Our Future Self

Bruce's work offers a uniquely effective synthesis of Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology...

Fairbanks, Alaska 2 days.... Tuition $195

Aarhus, Denmark...4 days

To Register for our Fairbanks workshop or for More Information Contact: Amy Angaiak Smeltzer, LMT

Register Now for Fairbanks, AK workshop with Paypal:
$50 Deposit required.

Balance due at workshop sign-in.

Refund Policy:  Fully refundable for 30 days after registration, or up to 30 days before the workshop, which ever comes first.
50% of the deposit is refundable between 29 an 15 days.
No refund if canceled 14 days or less before the workshop.

To Register for our Aarhus workshop or for More Information Contact: Gitte Larsen, RPP

Somatiske Følelsesmæssige Clearing
Rådgivning til bodyworkers


Aarhus, Danmark 27-30 oktober

Deltag forfatter til Esoterisk anatomi: Kroppen som Bevidsthed, i denne hands-on træning i somatiske psykologi.

Vi vil arbejde med en syntese af dybt effektiv karosseri og rådgivning teknikker, udviklet af Kernetræ grundlægger over tre årtiers forskning og praksis. Denne bevidste tilgang til kropsterapi letter en udrensning af kroppens cellulære hukommelse af traumer, og fremmer mental og følelsesmæssig klarhed og velvære.

Der lægges vægt på medfølelse, nærvær og sårbarhed som holdninger, der støtter en sikker plads, hvor kunden har tilladelse til at helbrede. Vi vil arbejde med klienten som en person, der respekterer den patos af deres liv som en bevidst udvikling åndeligt væsen. Vi vil nærme healing som en kreativ proces, der er styret af højere intelligens. Vi vil fremme en hellig plads til at slippe fortiden, stilne sindet og healing hjertet.

Helbrede dit liv som du lærer teknikker, der kan sikkert blive integreret i nogen massage eller karrosseri system. Disse teknikker frigøre traumer fra nervesystemet, lette følelsesmæssige clearing, og fremme personlig vækst.
Du vil lære en Kraftig Syntese af teknikker, herunder:
* transpersonlige psykologi
* Somatisk Psykologi
* Holding Sacred Space
* Forebyggelse Retraumatization
* Aktiv Lytning
* Resource Building
* Somatisk Følelsesmæssige Clearing
* Frigivelse traumer fra det sympatiske nervesystem (kamp eller flugt).
* innerverer det parasympatiske nervesystem (dyb afslapning & velvære.)
* Fokusering
* Sensation oplysningsaktiviteter
* æteriske plan Kommunikation
* Mantra Yoga
* Redning det indre barn
* Skæring Chords
* Envisioning Vores fremtid Self

Bruce's arbejde giver en enestående effektiv syntese af Transpersonlige og somatiske Psykologi ...

Til Register for vores Århus værksted eller mere information kontakt: Gitte Larsen, RPP

Energy As Medicine: Career Training

Polarity Therapy

Sept 26-Oct 1, 2011
Placerville, CA

Heal Your Life!

Experience a profound healing through Self realization! The uniqueness of our work is a constant intention to address the Soul... the animating intelligence in the body. Our focus is two fold: first is the understanding that the Soul is experienced as consciousness, awareness, presence...  healing takes place as we work with the healing power of the Soul, which we call therapeutic presence.  Secondly,
the ancient wisdom reveals that the world is sung into being... that the world is music. Thus we work with mantra, toning and a focus on biological resonance as a key to healing the energy body.

Over the decades as we have explored the cutting edge of natural healing we have come to realize that our most effective healing tool is awareness. We understand this power as Shakti... Life  Force and work with it professionally as therapeutic presence.

This unique training in healing energy is ideal for
students of yoga and the healing arts, Reiki, cranial and massage therapists, counselors and all those wanting a deeper experience of aliveness and professional training in cutting edge healing technique.

Our Energy Medicine Professional Training, is based upon the Vedanta, Yoga, and Ayurvedic revelations of the unity and sacredness of all life.  The ancient wisdom reveals that suffering and disease are caused by our separation from our divine Self. Healing takes place as we reunite with the Self (atman).  We understand the body as energy and work holistically, through bodywork, exercise, diet and spiritual psychology to unite the individual Life with the Universal Life. 

Western psychology focuses on the mind and emotions. Transpersonal Psychology focuses on the Self, the intelligence that witnesses the stream of thoughts and feelings. While mind and emotions are a kaleidoscope of instability, the Self is a constant of stable Presence. In this training, healing takes place as we balance energy to attune our life with the Self.
As your body as an energy field becomes more coherent, centered, grounded you become more alive, whole, at peace, and ecstatically happy!

Learn Three Powerful Energy Balancing Sessions:

    • Satttvic Energy Balancing Protocol promotes deep relaxation
    • Rajasic Energy Balancing Protocol enhances vitality
    • Core Energy Balancing Protocol is profoundly healing
    • Learn Health Building Principles
    • Experience the power of Mantra Yoga, to quiet the mind and heal the heart!

6 days   Tuition $595.
Earns 36  NCBTMB CEH

To Register:

Call Joyce Kilburg

Joaquin Fioresi

Register Now with Paypal: $150 Deposit required.
Balance due at workshop sign-in.

Refund Policy:
Deposit is fully refundable for 30 days after registration, or up to 30 days before the workshop, which ever comes first.
50% of the deposit is refundable between 29 and 15 days.
No refund if canceled 14 days or less before the workshop.

Polarity THerapy Three Principles

  • Polarity Therapy

    Advanced  Energy Medicine

    Polarity Therapy Review and Reunion...

    October 2-8, 2011

    Learn three powerful Advanced Energy Balancing Protocols:

    • Ultrasonic-Core Spine Energy Balancing Session
    • Pelvic Release Energy Balancing Session
    • Diaphragm and Heart Energy Balancing Session.

    Transformational Therapy!

    All students of Polarity Therapy are invited to join this Advanced Energy Medicine Training. Learn Bruce Burgers uniquely effective Energy Healing protocols. And if you studied with Bruce before... this is an opportunity to review and go deeper into these life changing techniques.  Join us for a blissful week in Mr. Burgers Neighborhood.

    • Experience a profound personal healing... life changing... liberating... 
    • Learn to release body armoring and trauma from the cellular memory and the nervous system.
    • Learn effective emotional clearing techniques that can be integrated into your massage practice.
    • Learn elevating daily personal practices for Soul communion and spiritual renewal.

    Bruce Burger

    Tuition: $595
    Earns NCBTMB 36 CEH

    This special program for Ananda College of Living Wisdom students is available to the public,
    space permitting.  Please call (530) 292-3024 for tuition costs and lodging or email:

    Ananda College of Living Wisdom

The Vedic Epiphany: Key to the Mystery of Creation

Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati

The World as Music: Keys to the Mystery of Creation

The Vedas are the ancient esoteric teachings of India. They form the foundation of orthodox Hindu philosophy and are at the root of all oriental philosophy. The vedic epiphany reveals that the world is the self-sacrifice of the creator...God becomes the world...An omnipresent intelligence expresses its creative potency through the creation. In the Vedic revelation, God does not create the world…God becomes the world.

Western religion and science offer a deist paradigm. In deist philosophies, God lies outside creation. The Vedic worldview is profoundly different; here the world is the self-sacrifice of the creator. The world is God. All creation is sacred. To know thy Self, is to know God.

Brahma, the creator, in Hinduism can be characterized as an ever expanding breath. In this cosmology, everything that moves in creation is the breath of Brahma. The spiraling galaxies of stars, whirling planetary systems, atmospheric rhythms of our Gaia’s life cycles, and the all pervasive breath that animates animal life on Earth is a unitary rhythm.

In this ancient paradigm, the universe is a living, breathing, conscious Being. In exactly the same way that the breath of life animates our body, the universe is sustained by the breath of Brahma.

How does the breath of life animate our body? How do the rhythms of inspiration and expiration sustain life? What is the mechanism through which respiration enlivens the body?  Our hypothesis can be characterized as biological resonance.

Prana is the life breath of a living universe. (From sanskrit roots pra-forth and the verb-root  an-to breathe)

The World is Music:

The vedas reveal that the world is sung into being. The ancient Sanskrit grammarian, Bhartrhari, states in his Vakyapadiya 1.112 “Vageva Vishwa Bhuvanani Jajne” The Universe is Birthed by Sound!

An unfathomable intelligence conceives of a goddess...who sings the world into creation. The  ground  state out of which creation emerges is the pranava  (from pra-nu,  to reverberate) of the primordial Holy Word Aum.  Creation is vibrating as an expression of ultimate intelligence, ultimate wisdom, ultimate love... in a universal harmony of praise.

The Goddess Saraswati  is the personification of this mystery, the embodiment of an all pervasive divine creative intelligence.  Her vehicle is the swan...the highest flying bird, which symbolizes the supreme principle in a living creation, the breath of life. The  Great Mystery of life and consciousness, is carried on the breath.

Saraswati’s celestial instrument is the vina, which symbolizes creation. Thus we have Ultimate Intelligence, carried on the breath of life, playing the music of creation.

For millennium musical instruments were fashioned of the guts and hides of animals. For these guts and hides, resonated most profoundly with the mystery of music and the winds that carried these sounds to the heart and mind.

There is no musical instrument more perfect than the human body. Indeed the human body... like all of nature... is a musical instrument. The ancients understood this. The ancient sciences of Yang and Yin, Pitta and Kapha, Sulfer and Salt were based on this vibrational knowledge of the primacy of inspiration and expiration, of the breath of life.

Key To The Mystery!
The latin word for breath is spiritus. It comes from the same roots as our word spiral... It is Spiritus that plays the instrument of nature. As we breathe, the tissue of our bodies are stretched by the act of breathing in a cycle of atunement to nature and the cosmos. On cellular and molecular levels the tissues stretches to modulate it’s musical pitch. As we breathe in, there is a lengthening of the tissue to the keynote of resonance that, cross culturally and trans-historically, the ancients called the Air  Element. Thus through atunement to the keynote Air, life force stepped down from the subtle universal elements into embodiment. Then in quantum fashion the inhalation ballooned the tissue into the radiant keynote of the creative potency of the solar Fire Element. Next in the cycle of breath is a still-point, where inner and outer forces came into balance at the Earth Element. Then as the diaphragm descends... the tissue contracts into resonance with the lunar keynote of the Water Element.

Nature is a fabric of ultrasonic resonance, attuned to the keynotes of: Earth, solidity; Water, the fluid medium for life force; Fire, the functioning of creative intelligence; Air the feedback process which is the essence of intelligence; and Ether which modulates sacred space between the subtle universal elements of the cosmos and the material elements of nature.

All of nature is vibrating in a life giving state of praise attuned to the voice of the Goddess Saraswati singing the holy word... singing the music of creation.  Saraswati means essence of Self. This understanding is a key to understanding the great mystery of life force energy.

In Energy Medicine, we work with the body and nature through this ancient epiphany of the world as music. Our approach to energy healing is defined by a constant intention to address the Soul...the animating intelligence  in the body... holistically, through hands-on bodywork, healing diet, vitalizing movement and liberating insight into the unity and sacredness of all life.

You are invited to transform your life in our personal growth and career trainings in healing body work through Polarity Therapy.



Energy as Medicine
Ultrasonic Core: Energy Balancing Session and Healing Trauma

Rome, Italy

October 20-22, 2011

I will be returning to Italy on my way to India in October  to offer our ...

Energy As Medicine...Ultrasonic Core: Energy Balancing Session and Healing Trauma workshop.

Students in the Rome workshop will learn... the profoundly powerful... Ultrasonic Core: Energy Balancing Session.
We will also focus on techniques for clearing stress and trauma from the nervous system and cellular memory of the body.

The Ultrasonic core energy balancing session: mobilizes the coccyx and sacrum, releases the sympathetic ganglion to mobilize the spine, and releases atlanto-occipital tension to mobilize the cranial sutures.  You will learn to facilitate this life changing energy healing protocol. Students will also learn to use  Sensation Based Awareness  to release trauma from the cellular memory of the body.

Dr Olga Nicodemi, found my book, Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness, in an Ayurvedic center in India. She found it so valuable that she has been translating it into Italian and sharing it with her yoga students. She invited me to give a workshop in Rome on my way back from India last April. The workshop went well & the participants are continuing to meet together & practice Polarity Therapy.

Contact Dr. Nicodemi
for information on the October training in Rome.

L'energia per Medicina
Ultrasuoni Core: Bilanciamento Sessione Energia e Trauma Healing

Roma, Italia

20-22 ottobre, 2011

Sarò di tornare in Italia per la mia strada per l'India nel mese di ottobre per offrire ai nostri ...

Energia come la medicina ... a ultrasuoni Core: bilanciamento dell'energia Session e workshop Trauma Healing.

Gli studenti nel laboratorio di Roma impareranno ... profondamente il potente ... Ultrasuoni Core: Bilanciamento sessione energetica.
Ci concentreremo anche sulle tecniche di compensazione per lo stress e traumi del sistema nervoso e la memoria cellulare del corpo.
Ci sarà anche la pratica Mantra Yoga per guarire il cuore e

L'energia di base a ultrasuoni bilanciamento sessione: mobilita il coccige e sacro, rilascia il ganglio simpatico di mobilitare la colonna vertebrale, e rilascia la tensione atlanto-occipital per mobilitare le suture craniche. È willlearn a ficilitate questo che cambia la vita di guarigione protocollo di energia. Gli studenti impareranno anche ad utilizzare Sensation Sulla consapevolezza di liberare dal trauma della memoria cellulare del corpo.

Dott. Olga Nicodemi, trovato il mio libro, Esoteric Anatomia: Il corpo come coscienza, in un centro ayurvedico in India. Le era così prezioso che è stata tradurlo in italiano e condividerli con i suoi studenti yoga. Lei mi ha invitato a tenere un seminario a Roma il mio ritorno dall'India scorso aprile. Il workshop è andato bene e i partecipanti continuano a riunirsi e pratica polarità Therapy.

Contattare il Dott. Nicodemi per informazioni sulla formazione ottobre a Roma.

What Is Polarity Therapy?

Ayurveda Hands-On . . . Yoga Centered Bodywork . . .
 Integral Healing . . . Quantum Energy Balancing . . .
Transformational Therapy

  • Polarity Therapy offers a hands-on approach to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Science of Life.

  • We integrate Ayurvedic principles into a system of Wholistic/Integral Healing.

  • Polarity Therapy offers a unique synthesis blending the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy with
  • cutting edge insights from quantum physics and cranial-sacral therapy to understand the body as energy.

  • The Polarity Therapy approach to energy healing is defined by the clarity of our intention to address the Soul . . .
  •  the animating intelligence in the body.
  • We address the Soul holistically through: Polarity Energy Balancing Bodywork, Somatic Emotional Clearing, Transpersonal Psychology, Health Building Diets, and Energy Exercises.

* The Chakras sustain the ten Long Line Energy Currents

Learn Profoundly Effective Energy Healing Techniques!
Our unique programs are highly recommended for Massage Therapists who are seeking advanced professional training which will allow them to work smarter, easier, and more effectively, in ameliorating physical and emotional pain through holistic medicine.

* Reiki & Quantum Touch practitioners will find a broad spectrum of deeply effective hands-on techniques to enhance their energy balancing bodywork.

* Cranial-Sacral practitioners will be introduced to a profound esoteric model drawn from the ancient wisdom for understanding energy in the body, nature and the cosmos and new dimensions of understanding to guide their subtle energy healing.

* Yoga & Ayurveda practitioners will be empowered through our hands-on synthesis of principles drawn from the ancient wisdom of the Sanatana Dharma. Through this work you can integrate your most heart-felt beliefs of the sacredness and unity of life into your bodywork and healing practice.

* Health professionals seeking a system of integral healing will be deeply rewarded by this loving, nourishing, effective approach to natural healing.

* Counselors and Psychotherapists are welcome to personally experience a profound initiation into the healing power of Somatic Psychology and Psycho-Spiritual Integration.

When the energy fields of the body are balanced,

they are more receptive to the healing potency of the Soul.

Babbitt's Atom, Leadbetter's Atom, Golden Spiral

**Micro-clairvoint image of the "ultimate atom"...
where consciousness first steps down into form.

In Polarity Therapy we understand the body as Energy.

We picture the Soul as the nucleus of the energy fields of the body.

As energy fields in the body become more vibrant and coherent through Polarity Energy Balancing,

they become more receptive to the healing potency of the Soul.


foot reflexology chart, Spiritual Healer, Energy Healer, Polarity Therapy  
 Understanding Foot Reflexology

Polarity Therapists work with health not disease!

Polarity Therapists work with individuals are are willing and able to take responsibility for their physical and emotional health, and who are seeking resources for healing and personal growth.

Polarity Therapists offer experiential education
through balanced energy and high level wellness.

Polarity Health Educators work as personal coaches offering a complimentary therapy of integral healing blending the ancient wisdom of the east and cutting edge holistic healing.  

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