Gayatri MAa
 Goddess Gayatri Devi

A Spiritual Approach To Personal Growth and
Healing Arts Career Training
Offering a Unique Hands-on Synthesis of
Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology

Ambivalent about visiting India?      

Our workshop is a skillful way of entering and familiarizing yourself with traveling in India.

Our workshop is recommended for first time and more experienced visitors alike.

You will most likely meet like-minded folks in the course to join in your travels afterward.

We will do our best to point you toward excellent Yoga programs, Ayurvedic treatment facilities, inspiring teachers and sacred sites in incredible India.

Tiruvannamalai is a spiritual hot spot, home to numerous saints, sages, ashrams and a focal point for pilgrims from India and around the world.

Our American born hostess Jehan and her South Indian husband Saran are experienced tour guides and are dedicated to your well being, health and safety.

Please don't hesitate to contact them with your questions at:

Jehan: (91) 9944 02 4265
Saran: (91) 9944 63 8811

Three Simple Tips for Staying Healthy In India. *  
  1. Drink only bottled water, boiled water and water from sophisticated water filters found in Ashrams and places that cater to westerners. 
  2. Only eat freshly cooked food. This is the best way to avoid getting sick due to bacteria or a parasite. Cooking kills everything. Don’t eat salads, juices or anything raw. Uncooked food may have been washed with contaminated water.
  3. Never eat street food. Eat exclusively from respectable restaurants that are busy. 
*Based on Asher Fergusson's Tips For Staying Healthy in India: Tips For Staying Healthy in India:

Study with Bruce Burger, MA, RPE
Author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness and
Founder Heartwood Institute
Enjoy the wisdom harvested from a lifelong quest for 
effective methods for facilitating emotional clearing and inner peace
in this short YouTube interview.

The World Is Music: Key to the Mystery of Creation

Goddess Saraswati: Essence of Self
The Vedas are the ancient esoteric teachings of India. They form the foundation of orthodox Hindu philosophy and are at the root of all oriental philosophy.

The vedic epiphany reveals that the world is the self-sacrifice of the creator... God becomes the world... An omnipresent intelligence expresses its creative potency through the creation.

In the Vedic revelation, God does not create the world… God becomes the world. *

Western religion and science offer a deist paradigm. In deist philosophies, God lies outside creation. The Vedic worldview is profoundly different; here the world is the self-sacrifice of the creator. The world is God. All creation is sacred. To know thy Self, is to know God.

Brahma, the creator, can be characterized as an ever expanding breath. In this cosmology, everything that moves in creation is the breath of Brahma. The spiraling galaxies of stars, whirling planetary systems, atmospheric rhythms of our Gaia’s life cycles, and the all pervasive breath that animates all life on Earth is a unitary rhythm.

In this ancient paradigm, the universe is a living, breathing, conscious Being. In exactly the same way that the breath of life animates our body the universe is sustained by the breath of Brahma.

How does the breath of life animate our body? How do the rhythms of inspiration and expiration sustain life? What is the mechanism through which respiration enlivens the body?  Our Hypothesis is biological resonance.

Prana is the life breath of a living universe. (From sanskrit roots pra-forth and the verb-root an-to breathe)

The body... as all of nature and the cosmos...
is a musical instrument played by the breath of life...

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Tiruvannamalai, India
Energy as Medicine Career Training
 with Bruce Burger
January 21 - February 7, 2016 
Optional 5-Day Sacred Sites Tour following:
 February 8 - 12, 2016

Join our Profoundly Healing
Transformational Therapy Career Training

Sacred Mountain Arunachala-Shiva
Personal Growth & Career Training Retreat
Heal your life!   Grow through loving service! 
ॐ  Accelerate Your Evolution! 
        ॐ  Self Healing through Music: Mantra Yoga 
        ॐ  Immersion in Unitive Consciousness: Jnana Yoga
        ॐ  Immersion in Universal Love: Bhakti Yoga
        ॐ  Immersion in Loving Service: Karma Yoga
        ॐ  Self Realization as the key to healing: Nitya Yoga

 You will Learn 4 deeply effective Energy As Medicine: Polarity Therapy protocols to release stress and trauma, balance the nervous system, and  enhance vitality.
 You will  Learn Somatic Emotional Clearing to release emotional armoring, and trauma from the cellular memory of the body, understand how to preventing re-traumatization, rescue the inner child and  Intergrate Somatics and bodywork

Retreat includes:
    Morning Energy Exercise classes and health building diet 
ॐ    The World As Music: Mantra Yoga Classes
5 day Sacred Sites Tour Available after retreat
* 90 NCBTMB ceh's available to licensed massage/bodyworkers
18 day training: Tuition , food, water, accommodations & airport pickup/drop will be around $1800. in an AC single room! ... about $1650. in a non AC room.
Please contact Jahan at for exact price as price will vary depending on whether you request a single or double room, ac or non-ac and 
optional sacred tour. Prices are in Indian Rupees which fluctuate a bit from day to day.
More Information:
Berlin Germany
Somatic Emotional Clearing:
Rescuing The Inner-Child
April 2-5, 2016
For  More Information Contact: Gisela Kissing
Benbow, California
Energy As Medicine
6 Thursdays
Starting May 5, 2016
For  More Information Contact: Bruce Burger