Energy As Medicine
A Unique Hands-On Synthesis of
Somatic and Trans-personal Psychology


Bruce Burger
Author of: Esoteric Anatomy:The Body As Consciousness
Founder: Heartwood Institute
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 The Unique Healing Power of Somatic Psychology:
Rescuing The Inner Child
'East Indian Vedanta philosophy insists that you are not your thoughts, not your ego mind, not your biography,
not your story, not your pain. You are the omnipresent intelligence of Life that experiences all this. Your thought forms change incessantly,
but You, the witness is a constant.

"The ancient wisdom of India reveals that Self Realization is the Key to healing! It is very painful to try to live life clueless of our Divine Self.
Our Divine Self is quite obvious once we are instructed in its recognition. When we are connected to our Divine Self, we experience gratefulness.
Gratefulness is a Super-conscious state!
In gratefulness you are not caught up in the pain of the past or fears of the future.
Self Realization is the key to healing! We offer a holistic experience that fosters and supports you deep personal,
cellular experience and realization of the peace, clarity, Unity and Divinity of all life... of your Divine Self! 

Blessings, Bruce Burger

Join us in a transformation of your life from insecurity and inauthanticity....
into a profound breakthrough into deep personal cellular attunement with your Divine Self.

Tiruvannamalai, India
Energy as Medicine Career Training
 with Bruce Burger
January 7- 24, 2017
Optional Sacred Sights Tour Following! Jan 25-29
Join Our Profoundly Healing Transformational Therapy Career Training
 Sacred Mountain Arunachala-Shiva
Personal Growth & Career Training Retreat
Heal Your Life! Grow Through Loving Service!

        ॐ  Accelerate Your Evolution!
         ॐ  Self Healing through Music: Mantra Yoga 
        ॐ  Immersion in Unitive Consciousness: Jnana Yoga
        ॐ  Immersion in Universal Love: Bhakti Yoga
        ॐ  Immersion in Loving Service: Karma Yoga
        ॐ  Self Realization as the key to healing: Nitya Yoga
You will learn 4 deeply effective Energy As Medicine: Polarity Therapy bodywork protocols to release stress, balance the nervous system, and enhance vitality.
You will learn: Somatic Emotional Clearing to release emotional armoring, and trauma from the cellular memory of the body, understanding how to prevent re-traumatization, rescue the inner child and to integrate somatic psychology into your body-work practice.
Retreat Includes:
ॐ Morning Energy Exercise Classes and Health Building Sattvic Diet
ॐ  The world as Music: Mantra Yoga Classes
ॐ  5 day sacred site tour available at extra cost after the retreat
*    Workshop Earns 90 NCBTMB CEH for Licensed Massage Therapists

18 day training: Tuition, Vegetarian Meals (on class days,) Bottled Water, Chai, Fruit...
Accommodations , Non AC , 2 person room with Private Bath,
 Airport pickup-drop.......$1995.  
 For More Information Visit:

transpersonal Somatic Psychology

 "I immediately felt I was connected to your work and your energy
and  so glad I followed my inner voice and joined the course.
Its been magical studying with you and the healing is still working in my life now.
Thank you Bruce for  everything: your authenticity, compassion and integrity.
You held a sacred space for me to go deeper into my healing
and to reclaim aspects of my being which had fragmented off from me in the past.
Every now and again we get a choice  and opportunity
to really invest in ourselves and put our spiritual life and at the top of the list.
The course has been an example of this for me.
It has filled my being in so many ways. Im so glad I made that choice."
Neil A

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