Goddess Gayatri Devi

A Spiritual Approach To Personal Growth and
Healing Arts Career Training
Offering a Unique Hands-on Synthesis of
Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology

 Study with Bruce Burger, author of
Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness
Founder: Heartwood Institute 

Our Transformational Therapy career training programs offer a range of powerful energy balancing techniques, for healing and personal growth. Based on Polarity Therapy, this work offers an effective hands on synthesis of Ayurveda and yoga principles for working with the body as a field of energy.
You will experience a molecular transformation, through Sattvic energy balancing, enhanced Vitality through our Rajasic treatments, and a profound shift into joy and well-being through our core session.
Sattva Guna is the force of Equlibrium in creation. It resonates with Being, the vital power of the Soul. Understanding the power of Sattva Guna is a key to facilitating a profound shift in you life and the lives of your clients. 
You can immerse yourself in unitive conscious and accelerate your evolution toward Self Realization, through reading my book: Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness.
Esoteric Anatomy offers a unique approach to healing based on the liberating wisdom of ancient India. The focus of the book is the unity and divinity of all life, as we contemplate the gift of life, mystery  of consciousness and dynamics of energy as medicine. The book's constant emphasis is your Self Realization.  We accelerate our spiritual evolution through contemplation and the epiphanies, joy and ecstasy of our own realizations. 
Here is a link to read chapter 5 on-line for free....
                                                                                 Blessings, Bruce


Tiruvannamalai, India
Energy as Medicine Career Training
 with Bruce Burger
January 21 - February 7, 2016 
Optional 5-Day Sacred Sites Tour following:
 February 8 - 12, 2016

Join our Profoundly Healing
Transformational Therapy Career Training

Sacred Mountain Arunachala-Shiva

Personal Growth & Career Training Retreat
Heal your life!   Grow through loving service! 
ॐ  Accelerate Your Evolution! 
        ॐ  Self Healing through Music: Mantra Yoga 
        ॐ  Immersion in Unitive Consciousness: Jnana Yoga
        ॐ  Immersion in Universal Love: Bhakti Yoga
        ॐ  Immersion in Loving Service: Karma Yoga
        ॐ  Self Realization as the key to healing: Nitya Yoga

 You will Learn 4 deeply effective Energy As Medicine: Polarity Therapy protocols to release stress and trauma, balance the nervous system, and  enhance vitality.
 You will  Learn Somatic Emotional Clearing to release emotional armoring, and trauma from the cellular memory of the body, understand how to preventing re-traumatization, rescue the inner child and  Intergrate Somatics and bodywork

Retreat includes:
    Morning Energy Exercise classes and health building diet 
ॐ    The World As Music: Mantra Yoga Classes
ॐ    5 day Sacred Sites Tour Available after retreat

* 90 NCBTMB ceh's available to licensed massage/bodyworkers
18 day training: Tuition , food, water, accommodations & airport pickup/drop will be around $2000. in an AC single room!
Please contact Jahan at 
mountainsarantours@gmail.com for exact price as price will vary depending on whether you request a single or double room, ac or non-ac and optional sacred tour. Prices are in Indian Rupees which fluctuate a bit from day to day.
More Information: www.weare1.us
Berlin Germany
Somatic Emotional Clearing:
Rescuing The Inner-Child
April 2-5, 2016
For  More Information Contact: Gisela Kissing
Benbow, California
Energy As Medicine
6 Thursdays
Starting May 5, 2016
For  More Information Contact: Bruce Burger