Energy As


A Spiritual Approach To Personal Growth and

Healing Arts Career Training

Offering a Unique Hands-on Synthesis of

Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology

Dear Ones:

Our approach to healing is unique for the clarity and consistency of our intention to address the Soul... the animating intelligence in the body.  We view the Soul as the nucleus of the energy fields of the body. Our energy balancing facilitates harmony and congruence to promote healing, clarity and joy.

The transformation is immediate, and often profound, as we reconnect with our own inner Divine essence.

This hands-on bodywork is a form of Soul-Communion/Meditation and is as nourishing to give as at is to receive.

  ॐ  Accelerate Your Evolution!

                        ॐ   More Fully Integrate The Living Wisdom of Yoga into your life!

        ॐ Self Healing through Music: Mantra Yoga
        ॐ Immersion in Unitive Consciousness: Jnana Yoga
        ॐ Immersion in Universal Love: Bhakti Yoga
        ॐ Immersion in Loving Service: Karma Yoga
        ॐ  Self Realization as the key to healing: Nitya Yoga


I hope to share this valuable work with you....Blessings, 

                                                                                Bruce Burger


Somatic Emotional Clearing

Counseling For Bodyworkers

Sept 19-21

Benbow Ca,

Camp Free in our park like backyard on the Eel River...

Polarity Therapists, Reiki, Cranial, Quantum Touch, Massage Therapists and

Counselors are invited to join us for three days of Transformational Therapy .

Work smarter and easier with these powerful techniques that can easily be integrated into

your practice.  You will learn profoundly effective techniques to clear emotional armoring

from the cellular memory and to restore healing balance to the body!

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Presence. A Super Conscious State

Energy As Medicine

Foundation Training Sept 27-28

Intermediate Training Oct 18-19

Arcata, CA

Join us for this hands-on foundation workshop in Energy Medicine.
You will learn two powerful Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing Protocols,
to bring peace to the heart and mind 
and facilitate a profoundly healing state of Soul Communion. 

This gentle, easy to master bodywork,
promotes a deeply healing state of balanced energy.
Through this 4 day workshop you will be empowered
to share this nourishing work with family and friends,
and take your first steps toward a career in natural healing.
 If you are currently in bodywork, these techniques will empower you
 to work smarter and easier!
This work is as nourishing to give as it is to receive!

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2012  Guatemala training  

Energy As Medicine Earns 25 NCTMB CEH

Transformational Therapy

Energy As Medicine
Polarity Therapy  Career Training
With, Bruce Burger, MA, RPE

San Marcos La Laguna

Lake Atitlan Guatemala

November 4-20 2014

Energy As Medicine

Personal Growth & Career Training Retreat

The Energy as Medicine workshop at the Flower House called to me from the first moment I found it   The juxtaposition of learning from Bruce Burger, an incredible healer and clear channel of love, on the shores of one of the world's most beautiful and sacred lakes--proved to be a life changing event.  I cannot speak highly enough about my experience.   Mark and Nadia's wonderful hospitality, incredible health giving food, knowledge, integrity and space provided the perfect grounding from which to truly dig deep deeply within my being and also sprout new wings under Bruce's loving guidance.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about the back drop of San Marcos for the experience.  I literally fell in love with the lake, the land and the culture there.  Everyone thought I was crazy to leave my family for four weeks, as did I--but I followed my heart.   Now everyone in my family and community are benefiting greatly from the work that I have brought back.  In fact, I am focused almost entirely on doing Polarity and many people have come for the series of all six sessions.  The inner child and somatic body awareness dialoguing skills have brought my practice to a whole new level.  I still do the exercises and bhakti yoga from the class to keep myself feeling clear and connected.  If you are committed to the path of healing and wholeness, this class will bring you to another level.
Tracy Sprauer

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