Actualize Your Compassionate Nature

It is a blessing to be called to a life of compassionate service in the natural healing arts.

To be an instrument of a caring universe.

To consciously accelerate one's evolution through a life of dedicated service.

To take personal responsibility for the healing of humanity.

To live in integrity with one's most cherished beliefs of the sacredness and unity of life.

Bruce Burger

Study with Bruce Burger, Author of
Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness
Founder,  Heartwood Institute

 2015  Workshop Schedule

  Energy As Medicine
Foundation & Intermediate Workshop

6 Thursdays
April 2-May 7, 2015
Benbow, Ca

Energy As Medicine
Foundation Training
May, 2015, 

Near Carlton, Washington

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Energy As Medicine: Three Week
Personal Growth & Career Training Retreat

November, 2-19 2015
Flower House Therapy Center
San Marcos La Laguna
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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Presence A Super-Conscious State

"I immediately felt I was connected to your work and your energy
and  so glad I followed my inner voice and joined the course.
Its been magical studying with you and the healing is still working in my life now.
Thank you Bruce for  everything: your authenticity, compassion and integrity.
You held a sacred space for me to go deeper into my healing
and to reclaim aspects of my being which had fragmented off from me in the past. 
Every now and again we get a choice  and opportunity
to really invest in ourselves and put our spiritual life and at the top of the list.
The course has been an example of this for me.
It has filled my being in so many ways. Im so glad I made that choice."
Neil A

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Energy As Medicine
6 Thursdays
April 2-May 7, 2015
Benbow, Ca

Ultimate Atom

Foundation and Intermediate Training

This is a hands-on workshop in Energy Medicine.

You will learn: techniques to empower you
 in your self healing, personal and spiritual growth.

You will learn three powerful Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing Protocols,
to release stress and trauma from the nervous system, 
bring peace to the heart and mind 
and facilitate a profoundly healing state of Soul Communion. 

This gentle, easy to master bodywork,
promotes a deeply healing state of balanced energy.

Through this 6 week workshop you will be empowered
to share this nourishing work with family and friends,
and take your first steps toward a career in natural healing.
If you are currently in bodywork, these techniques will empower you
 to work smarter and easier!
This work is as nourishing to give as it is to receive!

Mantra Yoga offering self healing and self care through Chanting
is a powerful focus of our program.

ॐ  Accelerate Your Evolution!
        ॐ Self Healing through Music: Mantra Yoga
        ॐ Immersion in Unitive Consciousness: Jnana Yoga
        ॐ Immersion in Universal Love: Bhakti Yoga
        ॐ Immersion in Loving Service: Karma Yoga
        ॐ  Self Realization as the key to healing: Nitya Yoga
This class is highly recommended for individuals who are being guided to a deeper understanding of Yoga and eastern philosophy. As well as students and practitioners of massage, bodywork, counseling and healing who are seeking profoundly effective tools for working smarter and easier through Energy Medicine.

6 weeks Tuition $595.
Bring a Friend...Register together & save $100. each...
$100. Senior Discount  $100. Student Discount
Yes: You can apply two discounts!


Register Now $100. Deposit

  To Register...Questions... Call 
Bruce 707-923-3387

"Last year I attended the 3 week professional training in Polarity Therapy with Bruce Burger at Nadia & Mark's Flower House at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Wowww, what an amazing experience it was! Being completely unfamiliar with any bodywork I was immersed in anatomy, body work, energy medicine and the healing powers of (Sanskrit) mantra's, intention and being present. Bruce is truly a pure soul - must be because of all the Gayatri chanting ;)! His warm, personal guidance, straight from the heart, is accompanied by humor and a lot of experience and dedication to his powerful work. We were greatly supported by the care of Nadia & Mark who created a temporary 'home' for us, surrounded by healthy, sattvic food and juices, crystals and loving attention. For everybody who is looking for a holistic type of therapy to support others - as well as yourself - in healing, this course is a "must do". It changed me on all levels, physically, energetically, mentally, and spiritually. It's truly a great integration of different types of body/energy work! If you decide to go for it I wish you a wonderful journey at the magical Lake of Atitlan!"

Flower House Therapy Center

San Marcos La Laguna
Lake Atitlan Guatemala

November   2- 19   2015

Join our Profoundly Healing
Transformational Therapy Career Training

Lake Atitlan
Lake Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro Volcanos

Energy As Medicine Three Week
Personal Growth & Career Training Retreat

  •  Foundation Training: 4 days
  •  Sattvic Energy Balancing Session: Balances the nervous system to promote healing Soul Communion.
  •  Rajasic Energy Balancing Session: Enhances vitality.
    •  2 days morning practice-afternoon personal space/tourism
  •  Intermediate Training: 4 days
  •   Core Energy Balancing Session: Releases tension and trauma from the sympathetic nervous system.
  •   Pelvic Energy Balancing Session: Releases blocked energy and emotional armoring.
    •  2 days morning practice-afternoon personal space/tourism
  •  Somatic Emotional Clearing: 4 days
  •   Learn to clear emotional armoring, stress and trauma from the cellular memory of the body.
  •  Understand how to preventing re-traumatization
  •  Integrating Somatics and bodywork
  •  Learn to rescue the inner child
Retreat includes:
*    Morning Energy Exercise classes and health building diet
ॐ  The World As Music: Mantra Yoga Classes
* 90 NCBTMB ceh's available to licensed massage/bodyworkers

APP Certification:
* Meets Polarity Therapy requirements to apply to American Polarity Therapy Association,  for APP Associate Polarity Practitioner certification. (In addition 10 Hrs of Anatomy & APTA membership & fees are required  to apply for APP.)

Tuition $1800.

Register Today Only $100. 

Register with a friend and each take a $100. tuition discount!

Join our Profoundly Healing
Transformational Therapy Career Training

Tuition  includes 2 consciously prepared whole-food vegetarian meals on class days.
 (Accommodations are not included, and can range from $300-800. See FAQ's)

Register Today!  $100 deposit

Lake Atitlan Guatemala : Nov 2-19, 2015 Deposit and Tuition

Questions?? Bruce (707) 923-3387

Guatemala  FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

            "Bruce (Burger), author of Esoteric Anatomy, is a sensitive, caring, and helpful Polarity Therapy teacher with APTA approved Associate Polarity Practitioner program (APP) . The Guatemala course  is 3 weeks, with 90  NCBTMB approved provider hours. This is an intensive program in which emotional clearing, responses, and attention are required as part of learning and student experience process.

             Travel to the area is quite easy with either personal transportation arranged from the Guatemala City airport ($$$), or, arriving a day early, leaving a day late, with travel through Antigua, a quaint Spanish colonial city, 40 minutes from the airport by van (arrangements at the airport, return trip can be purchased at hotel or vendors in Antigua) and 2 hours from Panajachel, with 30 minute connecting boat from Panajachel to San Marcos de Laguna. The 1 km or so daily one way walk (or tuktuk ride, which can be arranged in advance) is along a rural road, which follows the lake shoreline.

              Coursework consists of daily floor exercises, Bhakti yoga chanting, didactic instruction, demonstration(s), and learning/practice trades. The course is well paced on a daily basis with practice trades possible (and expected) on interim days (including instructor trades, with personal student feedback), which also allow for local sightseeing and events. The February 2014 cohort enjoyed group events of a fermentation workshop with host Mark, a day trip with city sacred sites tour of Santiago, a Mayan ritual with elder Don Rigo at a nearby reserve, with self-organized ‘cacao ceremony,’ kayaking, temescal, and hiking. Too many ‘activity’ opportunities exist, including trips to San Juan Bautista, San Pedro, Panajachel, and Lake Atitlan hot springs (east of Panajachel, accessible by public boat).

              The program is hosted by Flower House Therapy Center, about 1 km northwest of San Marcos de Laguna, on beautiful and sacred Lake Atitlan. Many local accommodations are available, with majority of 2014 cohort staying at Posada Schumann and Lush Apartments. Flower House hosts Mark  and Nadia offer kind and helpful hospitality, with health building, tasty breakfast and lunch meals provided on a daily schedule. Afternoon health drinks and healthy snacks are offered daily during classes. The sacred ‘lodge’ for class is feet away from the lake, receiving cooling easterlies. The village of San Marcos de Laguna offers various other activities with kayaks available for boating, yoga and ashram activities and classes, nightlife with live local music, and restaurants to fit most tastes and budgets. Small tiendas or markets, and a daily market, offer basic supplies and foods/beverages.

               I would most highly recommend this training opportunity, both to learn to deliver Polarity Therapy to clients, and, as a personal transformational experience."
                                                                                                      R. W.

Polarity Therapy

Energy As Medicine

Foundation Training

  May 2015,   Carlton, Washington

Accelerate your personal and spiritual growth:

        ॐ Self Healing through Music: Mantra Yoga
        ॐ Immersion in Unitive Consciousness: Jnana Yoga
        ॐ Immersion in Universal Love: Bhakti Yoga
        ॐ Immersion in Loving Service: Karma Yoga
        ॐ  Self Realization as the key to healing: Nitya Yoga

Worker Smarter and Easier with Polarity Therapy Techniques...
Our energy Balancing program offers an excellent foundation for building a career as a massage therapist, healer or bodyworker.
Heal your life... Learn  powerful energy balancing balance the nervous system, enhance vitality and release stress and trauma.

Register Now! $50 Deposit
Early Bird Discount Save $50. Register before March 1st.

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