Actualize Your Compassionate Nature

It is a blessing to be called to a life of compassionate service in the natural healing arts.

To be an instrument of a caring universe.

To consciously accelerate one's evolution through a life of dedicated service.

To take personal responsibility for the healing of humanity.

To live in integrity with one's most cherished beliefs of the sacredness and unity of life.

Bruce Burger, MA,BCPP

Study with Bruce Burger, Author of
Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness
Founder,  Heartwood Institute

 2016 Workshop Schedule

Tiruvannamalai, India

Energy As Medicine: Three Week
Personal Growth & Career Training Retreat

January  21- Feb 8th 2016

Berlin Germany
Somatic Emotional Clearing:
Rescuing The Inner-Child
April 2-5, 2016

Benbow, California
 Energy As Medicine
6 Thursdays
 Starting May 5, 2016



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Bruce Burger

Self Realization The Key to Healing


"I immediately felt I was connected to your work and your energy
and  so glad I followed my inner voice and joined the course.
Its been magical studying with you and the healing is still working in my life now.
Thank you Bruce for  everything: your authenticity, compassion and integrity.
You held a sacred space for me to go deeper into my healing
and to reclaim aspects of my being which had fragmented off from me in the past. 
Every now and again we get a choice  and opportunity
to really invest in ourselves and put our spiritual life and at the top of the list.
The course has been an example of this for me.
It has filled my being in so many ways. Im so glad I made that choice."
Neil A

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"Last year I attended the 3 week professional training in Polarity Therapy with Bruce Burger ... Wowww, what an amazing experience it was! Being completely unfamiliar with any bodywork I was immersed in anatomy, body work, energy medicine and the healing powers of (Sanskrit) mantra's, intention and being present. Bruce is truly a pure soul - must be because of all the Gayatri chanting ;)! His warm, personal guidance, straight from the heart, is accompanied by humor and a lot of experience and dedication to his powerful work. For everybody who is looking for a holistic type of therapy to support others - as well as yourself - in healing, this course is a "must do". It changed me on all levels, physically, energetically, mentally, and spiritually. It's truly a great integration of different types of body/energy work! If you decide to go for it I wish you a wonderful journey ... !"

Tiruvannamalai, India

Energy as Medicine Career Training
 with Bruce Burger
January 21 - February 7, 2016
Optional 5-Day Sacred Sites Tour following:
 February 8 - 12, 2016

Join our Profoundly Healing
Transformational Therapy Career Training

Sacred Mountain Arunachala-Shiva

Energy As Medicine
Personal Growth & Career Training Retreat

  •  Foundation Training: 4 days
  •  Sattvic Energy Balancing Session: Balances the nervous system to promote healing Soul Communion.
  •  Rajasic Energy Balancing Session: Enhances vitality.
    •  2 days morning practice-afternoon personal space/tourism
  •  Intermediate Training: 4 days
  •   Core Energy Balancing Session: Releases tension and trauma from the sympathetic nervous system.
  •   Pelvic Energy Balancing Session: Releases blocked energy and emotional armoring.
    •  2 days morning practice-afternoon personal space/tourism
  •  Somatic Emotional Clearing: 4 days
  •   Learn to clear emotional armoring, stress and trauma from the cellular memory of the body.
  •  Understand how to prevent re-traumatization
  •  Integrating Somatics and bodywork
  •  Learn to rescue the inner child
Retreat includes:
*    Morning Energy Exercise classes and health building diet
ॐ  The World As Music: Mantra Yoga Classes
* 90 NCBTMB ceh's available to licensed massage/bodyworkers

APP Certification:
* Meets Polarity Therapy requirements to apply to American Polarity Therapy Association,  for APP Associate Polarity Practitioner certification. (In addition 10 Hrs of Anatomy & APTA membership & fees are required  to apply for APP.)

18 day training: Tuition , food, water, accomodations & airport pickup/drop will be around $1800. (Rs 110,000) in an AC single room!  Only $1554. Non Ac Room, No Airport pickup/drop.

Please contact Jahan at for exact price as price will vary depending on whether you request a single or double room, ac or non-ac and optional sacred tour. Prices are in Indian Rupees which fluctuate a bit from day to day.

Register with a friend: Each take a $60. discount
Former students may take a $60. discount

Register Today: email Jahan

18-Day Energy as Medicine, Simplified Price List:

18-Day Energy as Medicine training course, with Bruce Burger (included breakfast and lunch on the course days – not on “in between” module practice days)                                       Rs. 86,500  (About $1330.)

(Accommodation offered is on site, where the training course will be happening, accommodation also includes dinner at the guesthouse)

+17 nights non a/c accommodation (with attached bath), add:            Rs. 14,500 (single)  (about $224)
+ 17 nights a/c accommodation (with attached bath), add:                 Rs. 23,500 (single) (about 362)

(Airport pick-up and drop-off can be shared with someone on you flight, coming to Tiru)

+ airport pick-up and drop off with a/c taxi, add:                                    Rs. 6,500  (about $100)

(Price for the tours includes transport to the site of the tours)
+ Expertly guided half-day tours on “in between” module days, add:        Rs. 5,500 (about $85)

Per Module (3 modules make up the whole 18-Day course; Module 1 and 2 are 6 days long, and module 3 is 4 days long)                                                                                              Rs. 32,000 (about $492 @ module)

+ non a/c accommodation (single only) for module 1 or 2, add:      Rs. 5,700 (about $88.)
+ non a/c accommodation (single only) for module 3, add:            Rs. 4,000 (about $62.)
+ a/c accommodation (single only) for module 1 or 2, add:           Rs. 9,000 (about $138)
+ a/c accommodation (single only) for module 3, add:                  Rs. 6,000 (about $92)

(Guided tour to local sacred sites with Saran, are only available for people attending module 1 or 2. Price includes transport to the site of the tour)
+ Expertly guided tour on “in between” module day, add:          Rs. 2,500  (about $39)

*To book your place in this course or for more information, please contact us.

Join our Profoundly Healing
Transformational Therapy Career Training

Questions?? Bruce (707) 923-3387

5 - Day Sacred Sites Tour
Dates: February 8 - 12th, 2016
(Follows the Energy as Medicine Training Course )

Arunachelaeswara Temple

Expert guide and devotee of Arunachala, Saran, will lead you on this 5-Day Sacred Sites Tour.  You will visit many of the most spiritually powerful and respected temples, ashrams and natural landscapes in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Explore the some of the many powerful sacred sites in South India, lead by expert native guide, Saran. Saran has a passion for these places, which is noticeable, and makes for a wonderful tour.

An overnight stay at the top of the holy hill Arunachala. You will get mountain chai (made with local, fresh herbs), and a meal made on the mountain top.
Visit ancient & holy temples and ashrams in the various towns we will stop at over 5 days.
Visit Auroville. Relax next to a spacious pool. Get Ayurvedic massage. Time spent in these places do wonders to enhance any spiritual practice you enjoy.

Unwind. Let the peace sweep through you, so that all there is is this moment...Enjoy the many trees on Auroville roads, which are designed using Sacred Geometry. Visit the Matri Spherical Mandir, for a unique meditation opportunity.

Visit Pondicherry. See the French Quarter, and enjoy some shopping and site seeing. Visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram and a temple devoted to Lord Ganesha (the Elephant-headed God, remover of obstacles).

Visit the ancient, hand carved stone temples of Mamalapuram. Some of these temples have taken multiple generations to carve, from a single, large stone! Amazing to see the incredible detail, of the life-like Gods and Goddesses in stone.

*Contact us for more information, or to book your place for this tour!


 South India Trip FAQS:

Our driver will meet you at the exit door of the Chennai Airport
(formerly known as Madras) - MAA.

 Let us know your flight details and where you are flying to Chennai from so we can be sure the driver meets you at either the domestic or international exit, based on your flight.

He will be holding a placard with your name printed on it so you can easily spot him.

He will have your flight number (remember to give this to us),
and even if your plane is late, he will wait for you.

We are in regular mobile phone communication with our drivers to ensure all goes as smoothly as possible for your pick-up and drop-off.

You will have Jehan’s mobile phone number if you need anything.

You will be driven in an air-conditioned taxi to the ashram (sanctuary) hosting the workshop,
 a 3 - 4 hour journey (depending on traffic and time of day).

Your taxi will have bottled drinking water and your driver will help you with needs on the way. We recommend waiting to get to Tiruvannamalai to do any shopping for essential items and snacks.

English is a second language for many people in India...people are friendly and curious, and communication is usually fun and easy.

You can exchange dollars for Indian rupees in the arrival hall of the airport, or you can wait until you reach Tiruvannamalai, for a better rate.

There are ATM machines in every town and neighborhood, which accept international Visa & MC cards.

There are good stores, including a small "supermarket" restaurants, art galleries, and boutiques catering to westerners across from Ramana Ashram in Tiru.

Citizens from many countries can arrange to get a 30 day visa on arrival at the airport. Please check online as visa requirements vary by country. 

No vaccinations are required for India.

Ambivalent about visiting India?

Our workshop is a skillful way of entering and familiarizing yourself with traveling in India.

Our workshop is recommended for first time and more experienced visitors alike.

You will most likely meet like-minded folks in the course to join in your travels afterward.

We will do our best to point you toward excellent Yoga programs, Ayurvedic treatment facilities, inspiring teachers and sacred sites in incredible India.

Tiruvannamalai is a spiritual hot spot, home to numerous saints, sages, ashrams and a focal point for pilgrims from India and around the world.

Our American born hostess Jehan and her South Indian husband Saran are experienced tour guides and are dedicated to your well being, health and safety.

Please don't hesitate to contact them with your questions at:

Jehan: (91) 9944 02 4265
Saran: (91) 9944 63 8811

Staying Healthy in India: Tips For Staying Healthy in India:

Hello Bruce, this is Radka. I just wanna let you know how much you have influenced me on this new journey. I am still singing your mantras almost daily and I am in love with them. I was doing your exercises religiously but switched to awesome local yoga classes, but will return soon to them on no yoga days.

I am fairly confident in the energy sessions and  I am creating a massage room in my house and working on a flyer to post on FB and around our small valley. I am also slowly working on leaving the restaurant job, which is really scary but I can't be putting this off any longer.

I also wanted to express my gratitude for the three weeks we spent together. I am very grateful for all the friends I got out of our time, we are still in touch…

The training was best spent money in my life. The profoundness of your teachings and the deep camaraderie, made this trip worth every penny. I hope I will be able to join you again soon.


Berlin Germany
 Berlin Germany
Somatic Emotional Clearing:
Rescuing The Inner-Child

April 2-5, 2016

For  More Information Contact: Gisela Kissing

Join the author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness in this hands-on training in somatic psychology. We will work with a synthesis of profoundly effective bodywork and somatic techniques, evolved by Heartwood's founder over three decades of research and practice. This conscious approach to body therapy facilitates a cleansing of the body's cellular memory of emotional armoring, and promotes mental and emotional clarity and wellbeing. Bruce's work offers a unique hands-on synthesis of Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology.

The emphasis is on compassion, presence and vulnerability as attitudes which support a safe space in which the client has permission to heal. We will work with the client as a person, respecting the pathos of their life as a conscious evolving spiritual being. We will approach healing as a creative process that is guided by higher intelligence. We will facilitate a sacred space for releasing the past, quieting the mind and healing the heart.

Heal your life as you learn techniques that can safely be integrated into any massage or bodywork system. These techniques release emotional armoring from the nervous system, facilitate emotional clearing, and promote personal growth.

You will Learn a Unique Synthesis of Techniques Including:
* Transpersonal Psychology
* Somatic Psychology
* Holding Sacred Space
* Preventing Retraumatization
* Active Listening
* Resource Building
* Somatic Emotional Clearing
* Releasing trauma from the sympathetic nervous system
* Releasing obsessions from the mind, heart and armored nervous system
* Inervating the parasympathetic nervous system to facilitate deep relaxation and wellbeing
* Focusing
* Sensation Based Awareness
* Etheric Plane Communication
* Rescuing the Inner Child
* Cutting Chords
* Envisioning Our Future Self.
 ॐ  The World As Music: Mantra Yoga

Prerequisite: Bodywork or counseling experience, spiritual and emotional maturity.

Cutting edge research reveals that body centered therapies have a profound capacity
to release stress, dissolve emotional armoring and heal trauma.

Western psychology focuses on the mind and emotions. Transpersonal psychology focuses on the Self, the intelligence that witnesses the stream of thoughts and feelings. While mind and emotions are a kaleidoscope of obsession and instability, the Self is a constant of stable Presence. In this training, healing takes place as we balance energy to attune our life with the Self.

Our original nature is Freedom. Perceived threats to our security lead to obsession and a myriad of confused and contradictory mental and emotional impulses through the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) into the musculature creating emotional armoring. Learn profoundly effective energy balancing protocols that release stress and trauma from the sympathetic nervous system and the cellular memory of the body.

For  More Information Contact: Gisela Kissing

Benbow, California

Energy As Medicine
6 Thursdays
Starting May 5, 2016
  • Heal Your Life : Accelerate Your Personal Growth!
  • Learn Powerful Energy Balancing Techniques
  • Learn Mantra Yoga Music Therapy
  • Foundation Program for a Bodywork Career
  • Therapists: You can work smarter & easier with these profound energy healing principles.
  • Join our nurturing healing circle in our Benbow home.

For  More Information Contact: Bruce Burger
US (707) 923-3387
 India 91+ 404-889-0916

Register Today!

Tuition $300.

Deposit Only $50.
Register Now
Students repeating the course: Tuition $150.


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Esoteric Anatomy:The Body As Consciousness
Transformational Therapy