Actualize Your Compassionate Nature

It is a blessing to be called to a life of compassionate service in the natural healing arts.

To be an instrument of a caring universe.

To consciously accelerate one's evolution through a life of dedicated service.

To take personal responsibility for the healing of humanity.

To live in integrity with one's most cherished beliefs of the sacredness and unity of life.

Unitive Consciousness, Transpersonal Psychology, Polarity Therapy

Study with Bruce Burger, MA, Author of
Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness
Founder,  Heartwood Institute
Board Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, BCPP

2020 Workshop Schedule

March 27-29 Workshop

Canceled Due To


Energy Medicine, Unitive Consciousness, Transpersonal Psychology

Energy Medicine, Polarity Therapy, Unitive Consciousness

Transpersonal Psychology, Unitive Consciousness, Polarity Therapy

Transpersonal Psychology, Unitive Consciousness, Polarity Therapy, Somatic Psychology

Energy Medicine Professional Training

14 Days at Heartwood

7 Workshops in California


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Energy Medicine Foundation Training
Karuna Sagara Ashram
Ananda College of Living Wisdom
Nevada City,  Ca.
6 days
Late September 2020


"Bruce's Energy Medicine and Somatic Emotional Clearing workshops are really a life changing experience for personal growth as well as for your healing arts practice. What stands out most is the compassionate sacred space that is held for everyone to explore their own healing journey as well as the wisdom of learning from a heart-centered teacher with several decades of professional experience. The first time I saw Bruce Burger at Heartwood Institute, the healing arts school he founded, I knew I wanted to study with him because of the light and energy in his eyes. Its wonderful study with someone who has a depth of many years of spiritual practice that you can feel in the space.

I just attended the Somatic Emotional Clearing workshop and was struck by how profoundly deep these therapies are to get right to the root layer of what causes our pain and dysfunction. I really resonate with the Somatic psychology approach that informs the work. Many years ago I attended the Polarity courses and regularly integrate the techniques into my massage and bodywork practice as well. Very affordable rates for classes too!"


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Our Programs Earn Certification:
American Polarity Therapy Association: APP-Associate Polarity Practitioner
International Polarity Education Alliance:EPP- Energy Principles Practitioner, and  PTP- Polarity Therapy Practitioner
National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork:
Board Approved Continuing Education Provider (CEH): Number 451667-11 , Expires 6/30/2020

Free Podcast With Bruce Burger 

The World as Music

Bruce's Blog
Contemplating The Divinity and Unity of All Life
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Energy Medicine

Associate Polarity Practitioner APP
Energy Principles Practitioner EPP

155 Hour Certificate Program

7 Workshops

At our Benbow California home
Sebastopol, CA
and Heartwood Sanctuary.


Intermediate I: Heal Back Pain I

Ultrasonic Core Spine Mobilization Session
2 days, $195. Tuition Investment
3 days $295. Tuition Investment

Intermediate II: Heal Back Pain II
Spine Energy Balancing Session, Facilitates a spontaneous self-correction of the vertebrae
2 days, $195. Tuition Investment, June 6 & 7, 2020
Register before May 1st for Early Bird discount.

Tuition Investment

Advanced I:
Pelvic Session, August 1-2, 2020
2 days, $195. Tuition Investment

Register before July 1st for Early Bird discount.

Tuition Investment

Advanced II:
Diaphragm Session, Sept 5-6, 2020
2 days, $195. Tuition Investment

Register before August 1st for Early Bird discount.

Tuition Investment

Somatic Emotional Clearing:
4 Days, $395. Tuition Investment
June 3-7, 2020, Heartwood Institute

Register before June 1st for Early Bird discount.

Tuition Investment
Foundation Training I & II: Therapeutic Presence
Sattvic/Rajasic/Core Energy Balancing Session
6 days, $595. Tuition Investment, Sept  2020
Karuna Sagara: Nevada City, CA

Tuition Investment
110 Class Hours $1565. Tuition Investment

Tuition Investment

Register Now!

Pay as you learn… $195. each 2 day weekend workshop. 

Benbow Classes: Camp free at our park like home on the Eel River

  $395. Tuition 4 day Heartwood Workshop (does not include accommodations or food)

Or Save 5%... Register for the Full Program $1485. Tuition Investment. Pay $108. To Register Now!

Save an additional 5% each when you register with a friend: $1410. 
Pay $108. To Register Now!

Register Now!
Tuition Investment

Save 20%... Register & pay in advance for the Full Certificate Program $1250. Tuition Investment

Save an additional 5% each when you register with a friend & pay in advance for the full certificate program.
$1188. Tuition Investment. Register Now!

* 110 NCBTMB CEH's available to licensed massage/bodyworkers
(National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Approved Provider Number  451667-11)

*APP Certification:
 Meets most of Polarity Therapy requirements to apply to American Polarity Therapy Association,
 for APP, Associate Polarity Practitioner certificate. (In addition 10 hrs of Anatomy,  5 Polarity Therapy sessions from an RPP or BCPP, give 30 Polarity Therapy Sessions. APTA membership & fees are required to apply for APP.
 1 year APTA Student membership included with enrollment)

*EPP Certification:
Meets requirements to join the International Polarity Education Alliance,
(pay small one time membership fee) and apply for EPP - Energy Principles Practitioner.
This level of recognition also earns credit toward the advanced IPEA level of PTP- Polarity Therapy Professional.

APTA Continuing Education Earn 110 CEH

Questions? Call Bruce Now! (707) 923-3387

"Words can not do justice to the profound transformative experience that transpired over three weeks with Bruce in India. I had taken the basic polarity training with Bruce in California in 2012 and was deeply touched by the work. I began to integrate some of the basic polarity therapy into my therapeutic massage practice and always knew that I would further my training with Bruce one day.

Well, the day came and even having had a taste of the magic of polarity therapy/somatic emotional release 'a la Bruce' in 2012, I could not have imagined HOW MUCH DEEPER this work would take me into my own authentic way of Being in this body and in the world as well as with my work as a massage therapist, now polarity/somatic emotional release therapist.
Bruce is truly a shining example of Divine Intelligence in action. My gratitude for his ability to lovingly share the profoundly transformative potential of this work with such grace, intelligence and PRESENCE (and many puns) is inexpressible.
Since my return from incredible India where the course was held, I have noticed a subtle source of energy and kind of inspired confidence that I have not detected before, both in my work and life overall. I can't quite put it to words but it has a quality of something that is surging up in my body like a well as opposed to something I've cultivated personally. This work opens you in ways you can't imagine and then you yourself become an open channel for the work to assist others. It's a beautiful exchange.
Bruce, I can't thank you enough. It's exactly the 'KaPOW' I've been wanting to add into my bodywork practice, not to mention my own life! "


Ultrasonic Core

Energy Balancing Session

Mantra Yoga Music Therapy

Pranic Sound Bath

March 27-29, 2020

Sebastopol, CA

3 Days

March 27-29 Workshop

Canceled due To



Intermediate I: Heal Back Pain I
Ultrasonic Core Spine Mobilization Session
2 days, $195. Tuition Investment,
3 Days $295.

Learn to release stress and trauma from the Sympathetic Nervous System

Learn to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System

Learn to Mobilize & Balance the Ultrasonic Core

Heal Back Pain!

Enhance your inner-peace and lucidity

Safe, Easy to Learn,

Powerful Energy Balancing Healing Techniques

Recommended for Bodyworkers, Reki & Yoga Practitioners

For Career Enhancement & Personal Growth

Exhilarating Pranic Sound Bath !!!


" I just completed an 18 day intensive course with Bruce Burger in Tiruvanamalai, South India.  This was my first encounter with Bruce on any level, so I entered the experience with little understanding of the breadth of his teaching and with few expectations. It was a choice made from an intuitive sense of rightness and ripeness,


As a veteran and professional in the human growth potential, well...I have one colleague who calls me "BTDT"---"Been There-Done That", I came thinking that this would be a healers' refresher course for me. While some of the techniques and perspectives were familiar to me, what Bruce evoked in his teaching and well designed course was profoundly personally healing and created a dramatic shift in my perspective as a healer.


It is difficult to separate what was taught in the course and who Bruce Burger is as a highly evolved being who brings all of himself to each moment of his teaching...both depth and lightness of  being, compassion and detachment, a sense of humor and incisive focus on staying on track with the material he is intent on presenting.


The days were full but well balanced with a relaxed flow of meals, exercise, chanting, presentation, demonstration, practice and integration.  The flow is so well designed and orchestrated, it seems seamless and each day builds on the previous for an organic ripening of the learning process and its assimilation..


Bruce creates a beautiful atmosphere which is respectful, kind, playful, spiritually nourishing  & effectively educational.. It is truly an opportunity for an immersive pilgrimage into the rich, rich culture of Mother India as well as for personal healing and retreat and expanding, refining and adding new tools to ones healing tool box. The oasis of a retreat center, the beautiful host family, the sacred mountain Arunachala, the profound Shiva energy that permeates the region, the field trips and the deep dives into the Self make for a rich tapestry of immersive learning, healing and and refining ones ability to create healing for another with such a do-able price tag...I recommend it highly to anyone felling the call."


Chezspri Fischer RN, MA 

Energy Medicine

Foundation Training

6 Thursdays

In Our Benbow Home

April 23- May 28, 2020

Babbitt's Atom

You are invited to join Bruce in our Benbow home for

6 weekly classes in Energy Medicine

Meeting Thursdays 9:30am beginning April 23
Register before April 1st for Early Bird discount.

Tuition Investment

You will learn:

Mantra Yoga

Sattvic Energy Balancing Session

Rajasic Energy Balancing Session

Ultrasonic Core Energy Balancing Session

Tuition Investment $295.

Save $50. Early Bird Registration before March 15th.

Save $50. Register with a friend.

Deposit $50.

Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary


14 day Energy Medicine Professional Training

August 7-21, 2020


Heartwood's Divine Strawbale Temple

Foundation Training: 8 days
Sattvic Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing Session:

Balances the nervous system to promote healing Soul Communion.              
Rajasic Polarity Therapy  Energy Balancing Session: Enhances vitality.

Core Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing Session:
Releases tension and trauma in the sympathetic nervous system.

Pelvic Polarity Therapy   Energy Balancing Session:
Releases blocked energy and emotional armoring.

Somatic Emotional Clearing: Counseling For Bodyworkers   4 days
Rescue Your Inner Child... Life changing protocol!
Learn to clear emotional armoring, stress and trauma
from the cellular memory of the body.
Learn how to prevent re-traumatization.
Learn to re-frame the "subconscious mind".

Learn to Integrate Somatics and bodywork .

Day 1 offers an orientation in the evening  (Aug 7th)
Program ends at noon of day 14,  a morning of integration and celebration (Aug 21st)

Tuition Investment $1195.
Save $100. Each Register with a friend!
Save $100, Early-Bird Discount Register before June1st.
Save $100. as a former student of Bruce!
Save up to $300. Yes you may take all three discounts !

Reserve Your Space In Our Workshop Now!
$108. Deposit

Tuition Investment
Accommodation Prices range from $36. nightly for camping
with community kitchen use  (bring your own food) and use of the pool and spa
to $165. nightly for private cabins and rooms with attached baths.

Delicious consciously prepared locally sourced organic food
is available from the Heartwood kitchen.
For reservations and fees please contact
(707) 923-5000

Hot TUb
Yolo-Bolly Foothills Panorama Hot Tub

Mail, Phone & Email

Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary


Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary
220 Harmony Lane
Garberville, CA 95542


Institute For

Alternative and Complementary Therapies

You Can Now Practice
Alternative and Complementary Therapies

Under Health Freedom Legislation SB 577  you can practice alternative and complementary therapies like: Polarity Therapy, Acupressure, Aroma Therapy, Ayurveda, Brehma,  Reiki,   Therapeutic Touch, etc.  without a massage license. You can legally advertise and offer your services in; Apitherapy, Bach Flowers,  Chrystal Healing,  EFT, Herbology,  Homeopathy,   Hypnotherapy,   Shamanism,   etc. 
January 1, 2003: The dawn of a new era...
On September 23, 2002, history was made in California. With the unanimous support of the legislature, Governor Davis signed into law SB-577,
sponsored by the California Health Freedom Coalition (CHFC) and authored by Senator John Burton.

As of January 1, 2003, California law now recognizes the professional legitimacy of alternative and complementary health care practitioners and healers
 allowing them, for the first time, to be able to legally provide and advertise their services in California.

California law defines massage as the "scientific manipulation of soft tissues".  It is my understanding that working with the body through esoteric principles as a field of energy/consciousness as illustrated in my book Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness, and as detailed in the Standards For Practice and Code of Ethics of the American Polarity Therapy Association,  is outside of the scope of practice of massage therapy  ( but I am not a lawyer, thank Goddess). In my understanding you can advertise and practice Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing under SB577.

Our Energy As Medicine Workshop includes a series of Exercises and Practices to foster your success in your new career in the natural healing arts!

more about SB-577  here

Institute For Alternative and Complementary Therapy


Professional Trainings in Tahoe/Reno & Bay Area

Meet the standards of the International Polarity Education Alliance and begin as Energy Student and receive your

EPP or PTP certification depending the length of training. The focus in Polarity Therapy is the relationship between spirit and matter.

Learn to work with the nervous system and restore energetic balance & integrity. Study with Joaquin Fioresi


Study with Joaquin Fioresi

Founder of

 Institute For Alternative  Complementary Therapy

author of

Human Touch: The Elements of Presence