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Transformational Therapy in
The Age of Enlightenment

Ken Wilber, sometimes called the "Einstein" of Transpersonal Psychology,
has an important book,
Integral Psychology, in which he points out that individually,
meditation, hatha-yoga, diet, or psychotherapy can not provide the healing that we are seeking. 

Wilber writes that we need to let ourselves be guided in a personal  evolutionary journey
 through a series of healing, personal growth and therapeutic modalities.
This blend of modalities is what we used to call Wholistic Healing
but Wilber chooses to call integral healing.

The synthesis of Polarity Energy Balancing, Somatic Emotional Clearing,
Transpersonal Psychology and Vac-Yoga (Sound Healing)
which has evolved over the last three decades in the work I share
 is exactly the kind of synthesis Wilber is advocating.

The incessant, insecurity, anxiety, fear, self loathing and obsession of our minds...
 the stress and trauma, that is lodged in our nervous system...
can be cleansed through this transformational  therapy.

The ancient wisdom reveals that our suffering is a product of ignorance.
Not an ignorance of information, but an ignorance that flows from
our heart/mind being alienated from our  Self...
the Divinity
 that unfolds the Great Mystery of Life and Consciousness through each of us.
Self Realization can be cultivated
on a daily basis through the practices of Soul Communion.
 Eating a whole food diet, practicing a  blend of bodily movement and inner stillness,
chanting, and right livelihood in loving service can put us in touch with
a felt sense of Being of the Self.

We can  tell when we are in Soul Communion
by a  welling up of Gratitude.
The key to healing is cultivating practices that attune us to
of The Inner-Well-of- Being
and abandoning the habits that alienate us from our Sacred Self.

Reading Wilber, I realized that in exactly the way that we as individuals were growing and evolving, our planet earth is evolving.  This collective mind has been called the noosphere and this collective intelligence of our humanity a morphogenetic  field . 

Self  Realization, the foundation of Integral Healing, used to be the rare and exotic soma of mystics and saints, a seeming impossible goal for the lonely, seeker filled with insecurity and self hatred. 

Enter the  Age of Enlightenment, The  prophecies of  Ten Thousand Buddhas,
 A  Spring Time of Humanity,  Age of Aquarius,  Sat Yuga...The End of Time.

We as a species are now making a leap in consciousness and Buddhas abound on the planet.

There are numerous teachers who are holding a  space of Freedom
and inviting us to make the leap into Liberation.

Self Realization... is our natural state and once this space of awareness of a felt sense of Being is pointed out to the individual, she can easily cultivate this space of great freedom.

We are inviting you to... to abandon the story of your suffering...
 and to claim your natural state of Divinity in the Eternal Present.

 The Age of Enlightenment has arrived!

You are the Hundredth Monkey!

Leap out of the jungle of your mind, and into a state of awareness
 which sages have called the end of suffering.


Bruce Burger

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