Actualize Your Compassionate Nature...

It is a blessing to be called to a life of compassionate service 
in the natural healing arts.

To be an instrument of a caring universe.

To consciously accelerate one's evolution 
through a life of dedicated service.

To take personal responsibility 
for the healing of humanity.

To live in integrity with one's most cherished beliefs of 
the sacredness and unity of all life.

Unitive Consciousness, Transpersonal Psychology, Polarity Therapy

Study with Bruce Burger, MA, Author of
Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness

Esoteric Anatomy

Founder,  Heartwood Institute
Board Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, BCPP

 2024 Workshop Schedule 



Bruce On YouTube Live!

Direct From INDIA

Every Thursday

6pm Pacific Time

Starts December 7

Namaste Friends:

Once again Chela and I are blessed to visit Sacred Tiruvanamalai, India. Home of Arunachela holy embodiment of Lord Shiva. Each full moon millions of passionate devotees circumambulate this mysterious shrine.


You are invited to join us, in the Sanctum Santorum of Arunachaleswara the largest Shiva Temple in India...Visit saints and sages...and join friends as we circumambulate the holy hill.


Tiru (Tiruvanamalai) is the home of the ashram of revered sage Ramana Maharshi...and is a mecca for spiritual seekers and blissful finders.


Plans are to visit sacred Varanasi, reputed to be the oldest city on earth, and Rishikesh, city of sages, Yoga capital of the world, and home to my dear teacher Mataji Vanamali...


Our livestream will be open to your questions, as I visit sacred shines, temples, saints and seekers and as always rave about the unity and divinity of all life! OF YOUR LIFE!

Two of the 5 towers of Arunachalaiswara Temple





In The Healing Arts


Zoom Study Group


Bruce Burger, MA, BCPP


3 Thursdays

Sept 28-Oct 12

Bring your questions and your curiosity to three weekly Zoom meetings

as we join together to contemplate this great and mysterious life force. 

We will enjoy Gayatri Pranayama Chakra Balancing Sound Bath from 9:30 -10:30. 

10:45-12:45 will be our Study Group....

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Bruce offers a unique synthesis of Transpersonal & Somatic Psychology

evolved over more than a half century of study and practice in the natural healing arts.

Topics may Include:

                            Universal Life

                            Life as God

                            Creation As Music

                            Creation As Intelligence

                            Creation as Will

                            Awareness vs Consciousness

                            Sanatana Dharma

                             Advaita Vedanta


                            Tri Gunas

                            Babbitts Atom


                            Theomorphic Resonance

                            Somatic Psychology

                            Clearing Trauma

                            Felt Sense

                            Astrological Archetypes

                            Dr Randolph Stone's Polarity Therapy

                            Your Questions.

Register Today: Tuition Investment: $108.

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Tuition Investment

Somatic Emotional Clearing:

Counseling For Bodyworkers

Transformation Therapy

Watch This Short Video Introduction by Bruce


Begins Everyday!

Each Class Replayed From Zoom At Your Convenience

Tuition Investment $295.

Former Students Repeating the Workshop $195.

It is best if you can take the class with a partner, so that you can receive as well as give the work each week. To encourage this we are offing a special $50 discount for dual registration.

Tuition Investment
Tuition Investment


Learn to safely, gently, clear, stress, shock and trauma.

Topics Include...
* Holding Sacred Space 

* Ethical responsibilities of a Privileged Relationship.

* Health Building our limited scope of practice.... Only working with healthy clients who are able to take responsibility for their well being.

* Client Directed Therapy 

*Active Listening. 

* Facilitating the negotiation of resources with clients  
*Facilitating the negotiation of Intentions with client

* The Healing Power of Therapeutic Presence

* How to Use Sattvic cradles and Parasympathetic Innervation to facilitate states of deep relaxation and well being.

* How to recognize signs of possible retraumatization and  prevent retraumatization using breath, presence,  parasympathetic innervation and guidance into resources.

* Facilitate the clearing of stress, shock, trauma and emotional armoring.

* Facilitate the experience that it’s safe for the client to breathe... safe to be fully present in their bodies... safe to be fully alive.

* Facilitate Sensation Based Awareness, Titration, Pendulation.

* Theomorphic Step-Down and Emotional Armoring

* Dr Stone's powerful hands-on Sympathetic NS release

* Dr Stone's powerful hands-on Parasympathetic NS Innervation

* Renegotiate and re frame the subconscious through metaphor

* Facilitate  Rescuing The Inner Child...  

  a form of "Soul Retrieval"

* Facilitate Etheric Plane Communication  protocols. 

* Facilitate Cutting Cords protocol

* Facilitate Envisioning Future Self protocol.

* Mantra Yoga:
Immerse yourself in liberating Unitive Consciousness with Bruce as we contemplate some of life's deepest questions and explore the divine realizations available to us through 
the wisdom and sonic practices of ancient India.

Join us for this Life Enhancing Transformational Healing Journey 

Somatic Emotional Clearing: Schedule 6 Thursdays  9:30-12:30    
9:30 Mantra Yoga, 

10:45 Somatic Principles

11:30 Demonstration of Somatic Emotional Clearing Session

12:15 Questions, Discussion. 
You are required to do two practice sessions weekly applying the principles demonstrated in the reading, lecture and the demonstrations.


Students will receive study guides, full access to lead through videos and videos of classes for review.

Students who complete the above requirements, answer a take-home review, and do the required outside sessions will earn a certificate of achievement. 


WhatsApp 707 223 8049