The Annihilation of Suffering

Self loathing, shame, guilt, isolation, fear, paranoia, and obsession are some of the symptoms of our suffering. You are not alone in your self hatred or the feelings that you are somehow not good enough: not smart enough, not rich enough, not thin enough, not attractive... not lovable. 2000 years ago, the east Indian sage Isvarakrsna in the Samkhya-karika... revealed a path to... the total, final, complete, annihilation of suffering.

For Isvarakrisna, you were not to blame for your suffering. As suffering was rooted in ignorance...not ignorance of book learning, but a more profound ignorance, that was imbedded in ones life. Indeed the cause of our suffering was our alienation from life and the lifestyle that produced this alienation.

What is wrong...  is the pain we feel because we have been wrenched out of the rhythms of life by our civilized ways. Traditional people danced with life in every heartbeat, they rose with the sun, worked hard with their bodies, breathed deep and sang as they worked. Diets were simply, local and rooted in the season, individual life was imbedded in communal life.

In ancient Samkhya philosophy, Life is one. A universal life, whose nature is Divine Intelligence, lives through each of us. Each of us is a unique face of this ubiquitous Life. In Samkhya Life is God. Our pain, is the anguish of our separation from our Divinity, our Self. It is terrifying to go through life clueless and alienated from your own Divine Self.

I call this condition ontological terror... the feeling that something is terribly wrong... and the assumption of guilt and shame and that it is somehow my fault. Ontology means Being. Our suffering is caused by separation from our own Being.

Most of us are deeply identified with our mind, our story, our agendas and out of touch with a deeper, more subtle stratum of Being. This not far off. Indeed we are immersed in an ocean of Life. We need only, to breath it in.

Our approach to healing, is defined by our intention to address the Soul, the animating intelligence in the body. For it is through Soul Communion, that we annihilate ontological terror. Where there is light... darkness is obliterated.

The body is a musical instrument that is played by the breath of life. As we release tension and armoring in the body, we come into atunement with the more subtle forces of nature and the cosmos in a natural process of Soul Communion.

Our approach to Energy Healing involves peeling off the layers of stress, tension and armoring through energizing body work, vitalizing the body through daily energy exercises, and chanting to commune with the subtle healing harmonics of the sacred Breath of Life.

Each step in our Energy Medicine program, deepens the quieting of the mind and healing of the heart. We heal as we attune to the Great-Fullness of Life. There is an immediate and profound healing as one, comes home to ones Self... to Life.

You are welcome to join us in an blessed journey of Self healing and Self discovery in our career training programs. Our workshops offer a uniquely safe and sacred space to heal your life and to grow through a calling to  loving service in the natural healing arts.

Join Bruce Burger, Heartwood's founder and author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness in our Energy Medicine: Hands On and Somatic Emotional Clearing  seminars.