The Twelve Archetypes of the Zodiac

The twelve archetypes of the zodiac are universal patterns of resonance. They describe the stages in the process of the universal holomovement. Every facet of this process is a reflection of unity and takes place within unity. The centrifugal force resonates as the elements Air and Fire; the centripetal force resonates as the Water and Earth element. The gestalt of wholeness of yin and yang resonates as Ether, the ultrasonic field which is the medium of physical manifestation. Astrology is the study of the interaction of these cycles of conscious resonance.

The Archetypes of
Rajas and Tamas... Yang and Yin...  Inhalation and Exhalation

Fire: Rajas/Yang/Sun                                                         Water: Tamas/Yin/Moon
Self-knowledge through the world’s reflection                    Medium for essence
To project into manifestation                                                Longing for union
Expanding                                                                            Containing
Push                                                                                      Pull
Fullness                                                                                Emptiness
Strength                                                                                Endurance
Physical                                                                                Emotional
Passion                                                                                  Romance
Physical Intimacy                                                                Emotional Intimacy
Action                                                                                   Communication
Logic                                                                                    Feelings
Intellect/Left Brain                                                                Intuition/Right Brain
Steady                                                                                    Cyclic
Red                                                                                        Blue
Fiery                                                                                       Watery
Revealed                                                                                Hidden
Satiety                                                                                    Yearning
Fear of criticism and limits                                                       Fear of loneliness

In our model all energy is understood as sacred sound vibration, the omnipresent holomovement of sacred sound vibration.  “Aum” emanates a spherical pattern of resonance from the bindu of the unified field. The arc lengthens into the balance of centrifugal and centripetal forces, into the ellipsis of the cosmic egg (Hiranyargabha), as the emanation of the Air archetype. The Fire archetype—the crown of Spirit—is a spiraling arc of radiance aligned with the centrifugal resonance of the nucleus of the Sun. With Water we have a downward-spiraling arc, which is resonating with the centripetal field of force of the nucleus of the Earth. The Earth archetype is a lengthening crystallization which resists attunement with the universal spiral of the evolution of the One Life sustaining forms.

Very simply put, our holomovement moves through a cycle made up of these four patterns of resonance, these archetypes. These are the innermost essences of differentiation in vibration which manifest as the infinite cycles of creative evolution. Every breath is a microcosm of the holomovement of the universal breath: from an Ether-predominant spherical stillpoint, through an Air-predominant lengthening ellipsis, to the radiance of Fire, to the receptacle of Water, and to the crystallization of Earth. All vibration waves through a sliding scale of attunement with the cosmic  (Aum/pranava). This is the holomovement which breathes through every level of macrocosm and microcosm, which pulsates through every beat of our heart, whose rhythm oscillates as every atom of creation. These are the four phases of the arc of spiriling vibration which waves through every field of vibration emanating from the unified field of the One Life.

The Chakras as Centers of Consciousness in the Body
The elemental archetypes comprise a spectrum of consciousness. In the involutionary cycle where one’s attention is directed downward and outward into the world to identify with the ego, the five chakras (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) are associated (respectively) with the passions: pride, greed, anger, lust, and attachment. In the evolutionary cycle back to the source, where the focus is directed inward and upward, in gratitude acknowledging the Great Mystery of life and action, the passions are transformed into the five virtues: humility, contentment, forgiveness, continence, and detachment.13

The Evolution of
The Five Passions and Virtues

             Involution                    Evolution
Ether    Attachment                  Detachment
Air        Lust                             Continence
Fire      Anger                           Forgiveness
Water    Greed                          Contentment
Earth    Pride                             Humility

As we mature we have the potential to move from resonance with the involutionary passions to attunement with the virtues of the evolutionary phase.

Astrological Archetypes

Astrological Archetypes
Astrological archetypes manifest the infinite creative expression of the Cosmic Person. The astrological archetypes are wellsprings of creative consciousness. The illimitable creativity of the universal being is differentiated by the astrological cycles. The astrological signature defines the uniqueness of each manifestation within the infinite. Everything in creation has an astrological signature and can be defined by its relationship to totality. The astrological signature defines the unique place of each manifestation within the infinite cycles of the evolution of Creative Intelligence.

The twelve archetypes of the zodiac are the embodiment of the four elemental harmonics—Air, Fire, Water, and Earth—resonating through the three polarities of Cardinal (+), Fixed (-) and, Mutable (0). Air and Fire are positive radiations of the involutionary cycle of manifestation, and Water and Earth radiate with the negative evolutionary return currents. The involutionary cycle describes consciousness. in its childhood, expressed as the self-centeredness of Aries, the possessiveness of Taurus, the superciliousness of Gemini, the sensitivity of Cancer, and the pride of Leo. The archetypes which resonate with the evolutionary return currents are characterized by more maturity and wisdom. Thus, the archetype Virgo predominates in the consciousness of discrimination, Libra manifests harmony, Scorpio represents introspectiveness, Sagittarius predominates in sincerity, Capricorn predominates in mastery of the material plane, Aquarius focuses on universal ideals, and Pisces focuses on the mystery of unity in diversity. The modes of consciousness manifested in the twelve archetypes of the zodiac are defined in fundamental ways as the consciousness of the involutionary and evolutionary stages of the universal holomovement. The study of astrology allows us to begin to fathom the consciousness of this holomovement as cycles of infinite creative evolution.

The archetypal spectrum of creation manifest its essence on every plane and kingdom of creation. We can witness this spectrum, beginning with an understanding of the Sun as a fount of the consciousness and being of the Light of Eternal Life. Mercury manifests discrimination; Venus radiates love. The Earth resonates with strength, and the Moon predominates in attachment; Mars manifests an essence of initiative; Jupiter expresses expansiveness and faith; Saturn manifests limitation, crystallization, and form. On Earth, our metals span the same spectrum: gold resonates with the Sun, silver with the Moon, the mineral mercury resonates with the planet Mercury, copper corresponds with Venus, iron with Mars, brass with Jupiter, and lead with Saturn. In Culpepper’s Complete Herbal, 20 a classic seventeenth-century herbal guide, you will see each herb described by its signature—basil is Mars in Scorpio, garden mint is an herb of Venus, mulberry is ruled by Mercury, etc. You will find this same spectrum underlying every kingdom of creation. In canines, felines, flowers, herbs, and jewels the archetypal signatures underlie the spectrum of creation. Books of such correspondences are available, which archetypally catalogue all the phenomena of creation. Transhistorically and crossculturally, astrological signatures were the lingua franca of the literati.

The Seven Rays
The seven days of the week are defined by this same harmony of correspondences. The august and uplifting eternal quality of Sun-days; the blue, watery, emotional, cleansing of Moon-days; and the brash, fiery impulsiveness of Tuesdays, which is ruled by Mars. Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, is an excellent day for agility and communication. Thursday is Thor's day and is ruled by Jupiter, the great benefactor. It is characterized by wisdom, expansiveness, and generosity. Friday, ruled by Venus, is the day for lovers. (Remember the exquisite Venutian quality of Friday afternoons.) Saturday, ruled by Saturn, is a day of resistance, usually very down-to-earth and practical. Notice the polarity of opposite qualities from ray to ray. The uplifting positive solar ray of Sunday cycles to the negative cleansing watery lunar ray of Moonday. Its opposite is the fiery martian Tuesday. The brash quality of Tuesday is balanced by Wednesday’s Mercurial discrimination. Thor’sday casts discrimination aside for an unbridled jupiterian benevolence. Friday moves from Jupiter’s universal love to Venus’s personal love. Saturn’s day is ruled by structure and limitations. Check out your experience of the week; see if these signatures ring true in your own experience.

The colors of the rainbow span the same quantum spectrum of the Law of Seven, or the Cosmic Octave. Out of the white light of the Sun emanate the uplifting violet, spacious blue, balancing green, illuminating yellow, cleansing orange, and grounding earthy-re. Numerous books on the psychology of colors describe these archetypal forces.21

Correspondences of Planets Colors Gems and  Metalse 22
Sun    Red    Ruby,    Garnet    Gold
Moon    White    Pearl   moonstone   Cloudy Quartz Crystal    Silver
Mars    Dark red    Red coral     Iron
Mercury    Green    Emerald,     Peridot,   Jade    Mercury
Jupiter    Gold    Yellow Sapphire Yellow Topaz or Citrine    Brass
Venus    Transparent, Variegated    Diamond, Clear Zircon, Clear Quartz Crystal    Copper
Saturn    Dark Blue, Black    Blue Sapphire, Amethyst    Lead

The Psychology of Elemental Archetypes
The archetypes Fire, Air, Water, and Earth define basic realms of being. It can be quite revealing to analyze the elemental archetypes from the point of view of the spectrum of consciousness. The essence of the elemental archetypes is Creative Intelligence. Astrological patterns of resonance are described as exalted when there is attunement and the more sattvic qualities are able to manifest, or in detriment when the archetype is in a more tamasic and resistant pattern of resonance in the gestalt of the native’s astrological signature, so that the characteristics manifested are less conscious. The Fire element as consciousness is radiance in all its dimensions. Excitable, enthusiastic, its light brings color and warmth to the world. Stephen Arroyo, in Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements, writes:
This element has been correlated with the dynamic core of psychic energy by C. G. Jung, that energy which flows spontaneously in an inspired, self-motivated way . . . self-centered . . . The Fire signs exemplify high spirits, great faith in themselves, enthusiasm, unending strength, and a direct honesty . . . [and an] unrelenting insistence on their point of view. Fire signs are able to direct their will power consciously . . . Their will to be and to express themselves freely is rather childlike in its simplicity. They may come across as rather willful, even overpowering at times.23

For the Air signs, ideas are real. Arroyo explains:
The Air realm is the world of archetypal ideas behind the veil of the physical world, the cosmic being actualized into specific patterns of thought. . . The Air signs focus their energy on specific ideas . . . By concentrating on these ideas (they) ensure that they will eventually materialize . . . the Air signs deal with ‘experience in its concern over theoretical relations.’ The emphasis on theory and on concepts in the life of the Air sign people leads to their finding the most compatible mode of expression in art, words and abstract thought.24
The Water signs are focused on feeling, Arroyo writes:
The Water signs are in touch with their feelings, and in tune with nuances and subtleties that many others don’t even notice. The Water element represents the realm of deep emotion and feeling responses, ranging from compulsive passions to overwhelming fears to an all-encompassing acceptance and love of creation. Since feelings by their very nature are partly unconscious, the Water signs are simultaneously aware of the power of the unconscious mind and are themselves unconscious of what really motivates them. When they are in tune with the deeper dimensions of life with full awareness, they are the most intuitive, psychically sensitive sign . . .  They are able to help others by means of an empathetic responsiveness to the feelings of their fellow beings. When, however, they are not fully aware of their own feelings, they find themselves prompted by compulsive desires, irrational fears, and great over-sensitivity to the slightest threat.25
The Earth signs are masters of the physical plane:
The Earth signs tend to rely more upon their senses and practical reason than upon the inspirations, theoretical considerations or intuitions of the other signs... Their innate understanding of how the material world functions gives the Earth signs more patience and self-discipline than other signs. This element ... has strength of endurance and persistence that enable Earth signs to always look out for themselves. The Earth element tends to be cautious, premeditative, rather conventional and usually dependable.26

Living Archetypes
It is easy to hear the archetype that predominates in an individual's character structure. You can usually hear these archetypal qualities in a person’s voice. Mercurial Air-predominant individuals are centered in their mind, and tend to talk rapidly (and some would say excessively). Martian Fire-predominant personalities are very action-oriented, with little patience for mere talk. Venusian Water-predominant individuals are centered in their feelings and can tend to be whiny. Earth-predominant individuals tend to be practical, slow moving and down to earth.

Who’s Talking?
People reflect their underlying
predominant elemental/archetypal resonance.
Ether    Spaced out, expanded, cosmic
Air    Lives in Ideas, thoughts, talks fast
Fir    Action Oriented. No patience for talk
Water    Lives in Feelings
Earth    Solid, practical, down to earth

In our model the cells of the body resonate with archetypal forces. The astrological rising sign (The astrological archetype on the horizon at the time of birth) has a marked influence on the face and body type as does the ruling/predominant element/resonance in an astrological chart. Air predominance is a lengthening of the cells of the body. A thin build and a light wiry body are characteristic of the Air archetype of resonance. A long narrow face and thin frame of the classic ectomorph is Air-predominant. Fire is the archetype of radiance and directed force. Fire predominance is characterized by good muscle tone and "stereotyped beauty." The classic Mesomorph is Fire-predominant. Water predominance is easily seen in the rounded moon face of Pisces, Scorpios, and Cancers. A Water-predominant body resonates with an archetypal attunement which is rounded and flowing. Water sustains a tendency to padding and excess weight. Earth predominance sustains a square, solid, stout, tree-trunk body with short wide neck, thick arms, and legs like the classic football player. Water and Earth parallel the endomorph of Sheldon's typology. While everyone is a blend of these archetypes, the elemental predominance reveals a great deal about body type and character.

Astrology is the study of archetypes, the relationship between the immortal Being of the Cosmic Person and its manifestation in the mortal cycles of time. The cycles are the central organizing principle and the vehicle of differentiation of the creative potency of the One Life. Everything is woven of a fabric of cycles. The spectrum of resonance in the cycle of the holomovement is a spectrum of consciousness. Dr. Stone writes: "Patterns are mind energy fields . . . Each type of energy has a vibratory speed and wave length which determines its function and affinity to other similar units of energy functioning in the body, or outside in the cosmos." Astrology studies these patterns of resonance, types of arcs, archetypes, in the immortal realms of the macrocosm and in the mortal realms of the microcosm.

The universal holomovement is theomorphic, an expression of Ultimate Intelligence, and embodies the process of consciousness in its evolution. The body is theomorphic—the personification of the process of creation. The body is woven of cycles which embody the spectrum of consciousness from Spirit to matter. The fundamental patterns of resonance within the body parallel the seven planes of consciousness from Spirit to matter. The root organizing principles of the body relate to these patterns of resonance within wholeness.

Structures and processes in the body are organized around theomorphic patterns of resonance. The astrological glyphs point to archetypal patterns of resonance that are the fundamental organizing principles of the body and—as above, so below—the universe.

An Archetypal Perspective on the Body
“The infant has a complete zodiac in its own make-up, an exact duplicate of the cosmos in which it lives...This is woven by the four pattern threads of "the four rivers of life"...[which]...act in triple function- [through polarity 0, +, -] in and through the body, they build it in a process similar to four threads in three shuttles. Then the twelve stations or centers are formed which constitute the individual zodiac of each person. This, then, is the miniature zodiac or microcosm by which man's finer forces are linked to the universe, and supply him with energy to attract the more solid forms of substance needed for his body . . . These facts form the real field of Psychosomatics . . This principle in Nature and in man is the basis of all action as the finer energy operating in man and by which he lives, breathes and functions . . . Even as the tiny atom is a universe in itself, so is man.”27
                       Dr Stone, The Mysterious Sacrum

Archetypal Harmonic Integrity

Astrologically defined fields of resonance are a fundamental organizing principle of the body. The most fundamental features of the gross anatomy of the body offer a suggestive parallel to the astrological glyphs. These glyphs point to the fundamental types of arcs/archetypes, or harmonics of resonance, which manifest through the body.

The astrological “signs” can be better understood literally as archetypal energy patterns rather than as symbols, arbitrary carriers of meaning. We suggest that the twelve astrological glyphs actually depict twelve archetypal energy patterns—twelve moments (types of arcs or harmonic resonances), twelve processes in the creation cycle. Each of the twelve patterns sustains a body part/energy field with a unique predominant resonant frequency and archetypal/astrological attunement to the universe. Differences in the physical qualities of the body are reflections of the differences in the energy fields. In each of the successive phases we picture energy moving downward and outward into manifestation, becoming more and more physical in our bodies as microcosms of the process of creation in which energy crystallizes from Spirit into matter. Notice that each of the glyphs embodies a duality—two arcs in a dynamic, bilateral yet stable phase relationship of polarity. This points to the fundamental resonant organizing processes of the universal holomovement of rajas and tamas. This gestalt of wholeness of the astrological "glyphs" can be called the “archetypal harmonic integrity” of the body.

Body cavities are thus identified as having unique predominant resonant frequencies, each of them in tune with universal, archetypal forces. For example there is a fundamental difference between the watery energy field of Cancer ♋︎  the breast,  and the Fiery energy field of Leo♌︎,  the solar plexus. Each is a unique resonant environment. These astrologically defined fields of resonance are a fundamental organizing principle of the body. We now picture the twelve phases of "the four rivers of life" in their three polarities of emanation that sustain materialization.

The Astrological Glyphs

♈︎  The essence of Aries, the first phase of manifestation, is the quality of existence. The glyph for Aries, the Fire-predominant, positive, first sign of the cycle, embodies a pattern of energy radiating outward into manifestation from a seed point, a bindu. The birth of every process of manifestation is this type of arc, the Aries—resonant frequency and pattern of energy emanating from a center.

The glyph for Aries points to the archetype (type-of-arc) in tune with this harmonic of force throughout all creation. In the body this type of arc radiates upward and outward from the third eye and sustains the crown of the cranium as an energy field and as a body cavity resonating predominately with this keynote.

The third eye resonates with the casual plane. The brain is the personification of the process of the mental plane. The two lobes of the brain emanating from the casual plane resonance of the third eye embody this archetypal energy pattern and personify the processes of the Mental plane in the body. In the fields of force emanating from the third eye, the Aries archetype of resonance is embodied in the underlying sonic organization of the energy fields of the brain. The brain is a unique resonant field in the body.
 ♉︎ The Taurus type of arc is the keynote of the second stage in the manifestation cycle. Taurus adds the property of spatiality to existence and sustains the overall space for manifestation of the torso. The Taurus resonance sustains the body cavity of the neck—a nexus, a womb, where the mental plane images of Aries step down in vibration through the etheric plane into the physical plane. The top part of the glyph ♉︎ points to the receptive phase of the Tauran resonance, which receives impulses from the brain, the personification of the Mental plane, and then steps this energy down through Ether to physical expression sustaining the etheric body of the “tauruso." The fields of force sustained by the Tauran attunement, receive the energies of the Aries archetype, concentrating and twisting them through the etheric into the physical vibrations of the torso (“tauruso”). The Ether-predominant neck and etheric body of the “tauruso” resonate with this archetype.

The body cavity of the neck resonates with the harmonics of the archetype Taurus in the macrocosm. The sympathetic vibration between their energies is attuned to the same keynote, sustaining an isomorphism of energy and consciousness—as above, so below—in the microcosm of the individual.

The etheric body is the first physical field of resonance in the step-down from the unified field of the casual plane, through the mental plane. It is a field of resonance which is defined by the interaction of the emanation of the unified field with the emanation of the Earth. It sustains the pattern of resonance of an elliptical helix of the interaction of Heaven and Earth. Thus, the Taurus—the twisting of the interaction of the spirals of "above" and "below"—is the dinergy of the centrifugal and centrifugal resonance of "the two hands of God."

♊︎ The resonance of Gemini, the third moment in the cycle, predominates in the arms and spine. The spine is a unique resonant environment as the nucleus of the subtle body. Gemini unites the core and the periphery. The glyph for Gemini embodies the energy dynamic between the arms reaching out to touch the world, and the spine as the core of our energy. Here we see the depth of being experiencing the world, and the knowledge of the world touching the center. It is an archetypal energy field found in the core of every unit of wholeness as Spirit animates nature. The radiation from the ultrasonic nucleus of the spine fills the space of the body with the rhythms of universal law. Its twin character is seen in the dynamic between the two phasing fields of energy, expressed in the bilateral symmetry of the body, and in the dynamic relationship between sacrum and cranium (the two horizontal lines of the glyph), expressed through the primary respiratory mechanism. In Gemini we have the lengthening of the energy field from the Etheric radiating into the spiral helix of Fire and Water and the “two hands of God” reaching out to play in the world.


Fire Element

Form is an expression of energy. The astrological glyphs define a spectrum of resonance in the underlying sonic organization  of the body. The archetypes Aries, Taurus, etc, manifest fields of resonance which are  fundamental to structural and functional differentiation in the body.

♋︎  The next phase in this cycle of manifestation is Cancer, which rules the breast. The breasts are a unique energy field which resonates with the potency of divine love. Here, again, is a unique structure in the body, with a particular resonant frequency of vibration. It is the home of the neutral pole of the Watery Cancerian force, and the glyph represents the swirling spirals of energy emanating from the heart chakra representing the zenith of the sensitive Water element out of which flows the nurturing milk of divine love.

♌︎  So far we have archetypal energy patterns forming the head, neck, torso, spine, and breast. In Leo, we add the liver and diaphragm, stomach, pancreas and spleen, and the organs of the solar plexus, which resonate with the powerful radiance of the solar archetype (type-of-arc). The solar plexus is a unique field of resonance in the body.


Air Element
♍︎  The shape of the ascending, transverse, and descending colon embodies the archetype of Virgo. The colon sustains the resonant frequency of Virgo and embodies the forces which archetypally characterize these energies. Thus, Virgo, representing the harvest, is a point in the cycle where discrimination is used to discern what is to be cast off as chaff and what is to be saved to become a part of the body. The function of the colon embodies this process of discriminating wheat from chaff. Individuals with Virgo strongly resonating in their astrological signature express the same function in culture as scientists and artists.

♎︎ The kidneys are attuned to Libra and embody this archetype in the correspondence of resonance that is personified in the body. Libra ruled by the goddess Venus rules beauty and midwives the birth of the wisdom cycle of the centripetal evolutionary force. In the cycles of the year, Libra mediates between spring/summer and fall/winter, the oscillation between centrifugal and centripetal predominance in the hemispheres. Similarly, in the body Libra balances the forces of above and below, the upper arc of rajasic radiance and the lower line of tamasic crystallization. The Libra archetype mediates between love and fear, Fire and Water, expansion and contraction.

♏︎ Scorpio is embodied in the generative organs. The glyph depicts the hips, ovaries, and womb. Scorpio embodies the mystery of life emerging from the depths.

♐︎ Sagittarius is embodied in the hara center and thighs, embodying the resonant pattern of the radiance of Fire (creativity) burning (manifesting) on the Earth (materiality).
Astrological Archrtype

Water Element

The energy of Capricorn resonates with the knees and skeleton. Here you see a polarity in the symmetry between the two octaves of Ether and Earth, crystallized on the left of the glyph, and their phase dynamic embodied in the circles above and below on the right, embodied in the Ether-predominant inner marrow and Earth-predominant outer bone. The V-shape of the glyph embodies gravity lines radiating from the nucleus of the Earth, that predominate in the return currents which support structure, for example, the skeleton. The knees predominate as the home of this archetype in the orchestration of the implicit order within the ultrasonic resonance of the body.

♒︎  Near the end of this cycle stands Aquarius, which rules the ankles, a unique energy resonating in the body. The creature in the zodiac that is most characteristic of the Aquarian essence and epitomizes the end of the cycle of crystallization of Spirit into matter, of Heaven embodying itself on Earth, is the human. The ankles embody our fundamental standpoint in life, the values we pursue, and the direction of our personal and collective evolution. Aquarius represents the end point of evolution, theomorphic humanity, made in the image of the creator.

♓︎ The feet resonate with the Piscean archetype, a Janus-faced field of force flowing between Father Sky and Mother Earth. The vertical curves represent rajas and tamas in their involutionary/evolutionary journey from Heaven to Earth. The horizontal line embodies the paradox of separateness within unity, the Janus face of being. The feet again are a unique energy field with a unique pattern of resonance, the home of a unique quality of consciousness in the body.
Astrological Archetypes

Earth Element

The twelve glyphs of the zodiac provide a suggestive paradigm in which the astrological archetypal resonances appear to be the fundamental organizing principles of the body, both as a body of consciousness and as a field of resonance. Each of the archetypal resonances is a unique resonant structure where a particular quality of consciousness predominates. The twelve glyphs point to twelve unique resonant processes that are sustained by the four material elements in their interaction with the trigunas of neutral, positive, and negative polarity. The body is a spectrum of living archetypes that connect the immortal cosmic person with its mortal expression over time.

The twelve phases of the zodical cycles differentiate the reflection of the spectrum of consciousness emanating from the nucleus of our solar cycle. All energy fields in our solar system are a microcosm of the solar cycle. The zodiac is the best tool for studying the archetypal spectrum of consciousness.

The all-pervasive holographic potency of Ved unfolds its “Knowledge” as the astrological archetypes that underlie the order of creation. As above, so below . . the body personifies the ubiquitous holomovement of the seed power of the Ved. Note that each archetype is essentially "psychological" and the process is a play of consciousness.

* Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness, by Bruce Burger, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, 1998

Goddess Saraswati "Essence of Self" Plays the music of creation.

The Vedic Epiphany: Keys to the Mystery of Creation

The vedic epiphany reveals that the world is the self-sacrifice of the creator...God becomes the world... An omnipresent intelligence expresses its creative potency through the creation. In the Vedic revelation, God does not create the world…God becomes the world.

Western religion and science offer a deist paradigm. In deist philosophies, God lies outside creation. The Vedic worldview is profoundly different; here the world is the self-sacrifice of the creator. The world is God. All creation is sacred. To know thy Self, is to know God.

The World is Music:

The vedas reveal that the world is sung into being. An unfathomable intelligence conceives of a goddess...who sings the world into creation. Creation is vibrating as an expression of ultimate intelligence, ultimate wisdom, ultimate love... in a universal harmony of praise.

The Goddess Saraswati  is the personification of this mystery, the embodiment of divine creative intelligence.  Her vehicle is the swan...the highest flying bird, which symbolizes the breath of life, the supreme principle in a living creation. The  Great Mystery of life and consciousness, is carried on the breath.

Saraswati’s celestial instrument is the vina, which symbolizes creation. Thus we have Ultimate Intelligence, carried on the breath of life, playing the music of creation.

For millennium musical instruments were primarily fashioned from the guts and hides of animals. For these guts and hides, resonated most profoundly with the mystery of music and the winds that carried these sounds to the heart and mind.

There is no musical instrument more perfect than the human body. Indeed the human body... like all of nature... is a musical instrument. The ancients understood this. The ancient sciences of Pitta and Kapha, Yang and Yin, Sulfur and Salt were based on this vibrational knowledge.

The sanskrit word for the creator is Brahma, which can be translated as an ever expanding breath of creation. Saraswati is Brahma's shakti or manifest power. She is vac devi  the "holy word" of cosmic intelligence who plays the instrument of nature. Her divine song sustains creation.

The Rishis attained Micro-clairvoyance.

The ancient rishis, purified their bodies and concentrated their minds to attain siddha's of micro-clairvoyance in which they directly perceived the fundamental forces of creation. They witnessed the "quantum" reality of the gunas. The whirling vortices of the atomic and molecular worlds. Sattva guna, a resonant field with an inner receptivity... which links  spirit and matter and is the force of equilibrium in nature. Rajas guna the expanding breath of the fire of creation. Tamas guna the contracting, cleansing, feedback, breath in the ubiquitous cycle of cosmic intelligence.

The Mystery of Biological Resonance:

A universal life breathes through everything in creation. Its breath is our breath. As we breathe, the tissues of our bodies are stretched by the act of breathing in a cycle of atunement to nature and the cosmos. On cellular and molecular levels the tissues stretches to modulate it’s musical pitch. As we breath in, there is a lengthening of the tissue to the keynote of resonance that, cross culturally and trans-historically, the ancients called the Air element. Thus through atunement to the keynote Air, life force stepped down from the subtle universal elements into embodiment. Then in quantum fashion the inhalation ballooned the tissue into the radiant keynote of the creative potency of the solar Fire element. Next in the cycle of breath is a still-point, where inner and outer forces came into balance at the Earth element. Then as the diaphragm descends... the tissue contracts into resonance with the lunar keynote of the Water element. Nature is a fabric of ultrasonic resonance, attuned to the keynotes of: Earth, solidity; Water, the fluid medium for life force; Fire, the functioning of creative intelligence; Air the feedback process which is the essence of intelligence; and Ether which modulates sacred space between the subtle universal elements of the cosmos and the material elements of nature.

Breath is the vehicle of the animating intelligence of life. And breath... the breath of Brahma, unfolds its infinite creative potency through each of us. Our bodies as all of nature is a field of resonance that is animated and sustained by the breath of life. All of nature is vibrating in a life giving state of praise attuned to the voice of the Goddess Saraswati  singing the holy word... singing the music of creation. 

Healing Through
Conscious Sound Vibration

In the ancient wisdom of the Sanatana Dharma, the medium of creation is conscious sound vibration. According to the Vedas, the universe is sung into being. The Logos or the Divine Word becomes all the worlds. The power of Parabrahman the Supreme Being is Sabda-Brahman the Divine as the primal sound energy.

Sanskrit, which means "perfected, well-made, polished," is an artificial language, "...patiently refined sound by sound, bearing in all its details the imprint of conscious work, constructed on the very principles of thought, of creation, in a fashion very similar to mathematics but more flexible and wide ranging in its applications."1

The Sanskrit language "is scientifically formed and co-ordinates with universal basic principles that build and unfold all manifested things. Its very alphabet is a mantra . . . revealing the song that was sounded in space when the world sprang into being. The Sanskrit language is constructed in harmonious relation with the very truths of existence . . . "2

Mantra, which means "mind instrument," is psychoactive. Mantra is the scientific use of sound to manifest states of consciousness. The rules of Sanskrit parallel the rules of manifestation.

In Sanskrit, "the word is not just a sound arbitrarily connected with an object or event, but is essentially a voice, a force producing an effect directly on the substance of being. It possesses to the utmost the power of any true and genuine poetry or music, to create a resonance in the subtle substance of being and to bring about in the listener a fine attunement to the experience of the seer, poet or composer."3

Earth's Breath
All  energy is the life-breath of a living universe

"The essence of a mantra is to concentrate and vitalize will power."4 We can consciously use the psychically potent sound syllables of mantra to influence the human system. Tantric Guru Harish Johari writes: "According to all spiritual sciences, first God created sound, and from these sound frequencies came the phenomenal world. Our total existence is constituted by this sound, which becomes mantra when organized by a desire to communicate, manifest, invoke or materialize, excite or energize manifested or unmanifested energy."5

The British jurist, Tantric scholar and yogi Sir John Woodroffe explains: "The essence of all this is . . . to concentrate and vitalize thought and will power . . . Mantra, in short is a power (Sakti); power in the form of Sound. The root man means to think. Like the Greek word Logos, mantra means thought and word combined as an expression of creative will."6

Woodroffe explains the dynamics of the continuity of thought and sound in the Tantric model. Thought and sound manifest in four states with sound at one end and thought at the other. Para is the highest state. Here sound is transcendental. It has no particular wavelength and is above name and form. It is the unchanging primeval stratum of all language. It is prime energy or shakti. In its undifferentiated stage it corresponds to Shabdabrahma, the divine vibration that unites all. The second stage is pasyanti or visible sound. It is the telepathic state in which one can almost see the form of the thought. It is the universal level on which all thought takes place. An Indian, a German and an Eskimo can look at a flower and experience the same thought on a nonverbal level. The third is madhyama in which the speaker selects his words through a prism of mental conceptions. The fourth state is Vaikhari, the spoken word, the most concrete state of thought. This is thought translated into the coded state called language. Here the thought implies both name and form.7

Seal parallels Woodroffe's analysis in his discussion of the model of sound offered in the Mimamsakas paradigm, defining Sphota or "significant sound" as "transcendental" or "intelligible" sound representing the Platonic ideas or logoi, which are eternal, ubiquitous, and noumenal.8

Woodroffe goes to great length to emphasize that the bija are the archetypal seeds, the actual mechanisms in the One Mind that underlie manifestation. "It is true and certain that supreme Kulakundalini Herself, who is the fifty letters, from A to Ksa, has given birth to this entire universe, consisting of moving and nonmoving things . . . in the eternal body of the Devi. Mantras also, in the form of letters, are eternal Brahman, full of energy, and aspects of herself. Mantras which are seeds, out of which grow the fruit of the universe are eternally present in Her body. For this reason they are called Bijamantras (seed-mantras)."9

Each chakra is the center of an archetypal seed or bija. Bija Mantras are said to be more powerful than other mantras. They parallel the tattwas or essential forces, which are the archetypal principles in consciousness, the seeds of manifestation.

Based on Dr Randolph Stone's Chart #3
Polarity Therapy: The Collected Works . . .
© American Polarity Therapy Association

Dr. Stone always urged us to work with subtle energy principles emphasizing that the without is an emanation from within. He emphasized that the real cause of disease was imbalances in the tattwas, the inner essences of subtle energy. In toning we use the mantric principles of concentration and visualization outlined above to materialize our healing intention. Sound is the motor activity of Ether. We can consciously use sound which resonates with the etheric body to influence the subtle energy fields of the client. It is at the throat chakra that intention steps down into the etheric body for coordinated expression in the physical body. It is at the throat that thought and intention are expressed into physicality. Our healing intention resonates with the Manomayakosa, "the sheath built of mind," to influence the client's healing.

Speaking is a sacred microcosm of the primordial act of creation. In the perspective of the ancients, sound is the medium of creation. Through sound we focus intention into manifestation. Breath is the psychophysical nexus. Breath is the vehicle through which thought and intention are expressed as sound. Breath as the carrier of prana, the intelligent life force, is the link between mind and body. The focused breath resonates with the pranamayakosa, the vital body of the client, to influence the nervous system and vitality. Our lips are Shiva and Shakti. Where Shakti centrifugal and Shiva centripetal radiate, a vortex is sustained. This vortex of life breath is the medium of creation. As we speak, tone, and breathe, centrifugal and centripetal vortices of prana carry our thoughts and intention into form. Our utterance is a microcosm of the sacred word, the primordial act of creation.

A simple method of toning is to focus the tone "Ah" and diamond white light into the energy block as harmoniously as possible. Blend client and practitioner's tones, climbing the inner octaves of vibration (Jacob's Ladder), toward the Unitive Field. You will be amazed at how tension melts, energy blocks dissolve, and pulses balance using these subtle energy techniques.

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 E.D. Babbitt was gifted with micro-clairvoint vision. He directly experienced a vibrational world. Manly Hall, belived that Babbitt's vision was the key to The Secret Teachings of All Ages. He placed Babbitt's Atom on Page 1 of his Magnum Opus. This illustration by Bruce Burger adumbrates Babbitt's profound vision. (It is simply a finger pointing at the moon . . . not the moon.)

Mantras to Balance Tattwas10

We can use golden or diamond white light in the visualization or we can use color breathing. Color is a pure form of vibration. Color breathing and visualization is a way of focusing consciousness and a healing intention toward the client. In the Tantric tradition, the color yellow resonates with the Earth, white with Water, red with Fire, green with Air, violet with Ether. Because the lower chakras are blessed by the cosmic guru Brihaspati (Jupiter), his fire of wisdom predominates in red, orange, and gold, radiating from the first three chakras, which are driven by the evolutionary return currents.

For example, if there is a Water imbalance or if cleansing is needed, we would tone using the bija "vang" or "vam," picturing diamond white light flooding the pelvis. For an Earth imbalance, we would visualize red, yellow, or golden light focused on the colon or knees as we tone "lung "or "lam." For a Fire imbalance or to stimulate vitality, we would tone using the sound "rang" or "ram" and visualize red or golden light flooding the solar plexus. For an Air imbalance, we would tone to "yang" or "yam," focusing on the thoracic cavity and visualizing the color green. For an Ether imbalance, we would focus on the throat with the sound "hang" or "ham," visualizing the color violet.

It is valuable to be mindful that the elements are living beings . . . trenscendent centers of cosmic intelligence. We can reverently invoke (invite) these transcendental beings to bring their blessings to the healing process as devas (lights of cosmic intelligence) and angels or grandmothers and grandfathers. It is powerful to lovingly invite the angel of Earth, Grandmother Water, Father Sky, (Air) to bless the healing process through color toning.
Mantras to Balance  TheTattwas10   


Unitive Field 
Aum (pronounced om)
Aum (pronounced om)
Sum (pronounced "soom')
 Som (pronounced like "Aum")
Ham (the "a" sound is short like the vowel sound in"the")
Yam ("a" as in "the")
Ram ("a" as in "the")
Vam ("a" as in "the")
  Lam ("a" as in "the")

Am (pronounced "um")

Bum (the u pronounced as in "put")

Gum ("u" as in "put")

           Shum ("u" as in "put")

          Sham (pronounced "shum")

Healing Mantra, Sound THerapy, Music Healing, Sound THerapy
Krishna "The All Attractive One"
the personification of The Great Mystery

Bija Mantras for Health13
Many practitioners work with overtones and are guided to make remarkable sounds. There is no musical instrument more perfect than the human voice, no tool more fascinating than our Creative Intelligence. Experiment and be creative. This work represents a leading edge in the exploration of the power of healing intention.


AIM (“aym”) 
Best for mind.  Improves concentration, thinking, rational powers and speech.
SHRIM (“shreem”)
Promotes general health, beauty, creativity,  and prosperity.
Promotes strength, calm, rest, and peace.  Good for excess Air and mental disorders.
HUM (“u”sound as in put)
Wards off negative influences. Promotes digestive Fire.
KRIM (“cream”)
 Improves the capacity for work and gives power and efficacy to action.
KLIM ("kleem")   
Gives strength, control of emotions, and sexual vitality.
SHAM (“shum”)
  Promotes peace, detachment, and contentment. Good for mental problems.
HRIM (“hreem”)  
After toning, promotes cleansing, purification,  energy, joy, and ecstasy. Aid to detoxification.

Toning, color breathing, and visualization may simply be metaphor. Metaphor is a finger pointing to the mystery. Metaphor is very powerful in the healing process. Metaphor goes beyond our simplistic images of the real world. Metaphor invokes healing mechanisms beyond the linear mind. It speaks to the limitless Creative Intelligence of being. Each of us is a study in creativity and mystery, a microcosm of creation. Metaphor empowers the mystery in the healing process. Any model or paradigm of healing ultimately is metaphor. Consciousness is illimitable creative intelligence and will play by any set of rules you generate. The universe will respond to any etiquette that you evolve in an attentive, compassionate, and caring relationship.


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Bibliography in Esoteric Healing


Air Element, Archetypal resonance that underlies all movement in nature.
Bija, Bija are the archetypal seeds, the actual mechanisms in the One Mind, that underlie manifestation.
Keepers of the light, The name Indians give to their own heritage, India.
Fire Element, Archetypal resonance underlying directed energy.
Kulakundalini, Goddess personifying the evolutionary force.
Mantra, "Mind instrument," and is psychoactive. Mantra is the scientific use of sound to manifest. states of consciousness. The rules of Sanskrit parallel the rules of manifestation.
Manomaya kosa, The lower or sensory mind pervades the body to collect, organize, and interpret sensory data. This is conditioned mind, which is ruled by habit and language.
Para, Supreme.
Parabrahman, the Divine as Transcendent, Supracosmic Divine.
Sabda-Brahman, The Word, the Divine as primal sound power.
Sanatana Dharma, Sanatana, "Timeless, eternal," "Dharma, in the Indian conception is not merely the good, the right, morality and justice, ethics; it is the whole government of all the relations of man with other beings, with Nature, with God. Dharma is both that which we hold to and that which holds together our inner and outer activities, and in this, its primary sense, it means a fundamental law of our nature which secretly conditions all of our activities . . . Dharma is all that helps us to grow into divine purity, largeness, light, freedom, strength, joy, love, good, unity and beauty."8 The Sanatana Dharma refers to the formulation of natural law which has been venerated as ultimate truth and practiced as a way of life by the peoples of Bharat over the millennia.
Sanskrit, Language of the Gods, perfected language. Ancient scientifically-formed language which co-ordinates with universal basic principles that build and unfold creation.
Shakti, Sakti, Power, energy, strength, the power of consciousness to act. The kinetic aspect of the Ultimate Principle, personified as the consort of the God Shiva.
Shiva, Siva
, The fundamental forces in creation are personified in the Hindu trinity of Brahma (Creator +), Vishnu (Sustainer 0) and Shiva (Destroyer -). Shiva personifies the centripetal force in creation, the aspect of consciousness, tamas guna, underlying matter.
Sphota, Manifestor, the seed essence of the subtle essential unmanifest sound, "significant sound," as "transcendental" or "intelligible" sound representing the Platonic ideas or logoi, which are eternal, ubiquitous, and noumenal.
Tattwas, Essences, fundamental forcs that underlie manifestation.
Vedas, The oldest known Indo-European religious and philosophical writings.
Water element,
Attractive principle in nature which underlies contraction and form.
Earth element, Archetypal resonance underlying boundaries.

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