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Dr. Randolph Stone
Polarity Therapy, Vol. I
Includes Energy, Wireless Anatomy of Man, and Polarity Therapy. This book includes general theory and cosmology and specific instructions for bodywork and exercise. 

Polarity Therapy, Vol. II
Includes The Mysterious Sacrum, Vitality Balance, and Evolutionary Energy Charts.

Health Building: The Conscious Art of Living Well
A complete health program, recommended as the first book for new students. 

Esoteric Anatomy
by Bruce Burger, MA, RPP
Comprehensive, extraordinary description of subtle anatomy, with mindfully woven insights from the wisdom of ancient India. Profusely illustrated. 426 pages. 

Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements
by Stephen Arroyo
Emotional manifestations of the elements, and their signals in psychology. 246 pages. 

Music and Sound In the Healing Arts
by John Beaulieu, N.D., RPP
A pioneering work in the use of sound to balance energy. 144 pages. 

Polarity Therapy Workbook
by John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, RPP
A comprehensive text of Polarity bodywork, exercise, theory & evaluation, based on the APTA Standards for Practice. Over 500 photos & illustrations. 218 pages. 

Polarity Therapy Workbook: Associate Practitioner Manual
by John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, RPP
A plan for teaching APP competencies, aligned with APTA Standards & Polarity Therapy Workbook. 

The Color Love Journal
by Thea Keats Beaulieu, RPP
Visualizations, affirmations and daily exercises. Beautifully illustrated with rainbow colors. 

Index to Polarity Writings of Dr. Randolph Stone
by John Bodary
Helps find info in Dr. Stone's writings. Topics have page numbers of references. 35 pages.

Quinta Essentia
by Morag Campbell, RPP
Exploration of the five elements. 48 pages. 

The Caregiver's Role
by Ray Castellino, DC, RPP
Birth & Newborn attachment needs. 60 pgs, unbound. 

Polarity Therapy Paradigm Regarding Pre-Conception, Pre-Natal and Birth Imprinting
by Ray Castellino, DC, RPP
1995 Dr. Stone Award winner, explores using Polarity principles for conscious prenatal and birth experiences, and in the healing of trauma. 62 pages. 

Energy Exercises
by John Chitty, RPP, & Mary Louise Muller, RPP
Illus. by Mark Allison, RPP
Illustrated, referenced summary of Dr. Stone's Polarity Yoga, plus related self-help methods based on Energy. 160 pages. 

New Insights in Trauma Therapy
by John Chitty, RPP
A 16-page conference handout on non-cathartic trauma resolution theory & practice based on Levine's SEc model. 

Relationships and the Human Energy Field
by Anna and John Chitty, RPP
Proposes that whatever is happening internally in the human energy field is happening externally in relationships. 52 pages. 

The Western Guide to Feng Shui
by Terah Kathryn Collins, RPP
A thorough overview of the Chinese art of spatial arrangement. 144 pages

Dying Again
by Linda Diane Feldt, RPP
A collection of poetry & stories by the author and her family, sharing many concerns of the dying process. 140 pages. 

Polarity Self-Help Exercises
by John Francis
An illustrated manual of Dr. Stone's Polarity Yoga exercises. 57 pages. 

Your Healing Hands
by Richard Gordon
An excellent introduction to Polarity. A practical, hands-on approach with great illustrations. 136 pages. 

30-day Purification: How to Cleanse your Inner Body and Experience the Joys of Toxin-free Health
by Lewis Harrison, RPP
An easy program addressing multi-level health factors. 304 pages. 

Fats and Oils Book
by Lewis Harrison, RPP
How to improve all aspects of health. 181 pgs. 

Hands-On Healing
by Lewis Harrison, RPP
Comprehenisve guide combining classic massage with the ancient wisdom of shamanism. 300 pages.

Polarity Therapy and Astrology: A Body-Mind and Spiritual Approach to Healing
by Valerie Kelley, MA, RN, RPP
Discusses using the birth chart as a stress evaluation tool in Polarity Therapy. 114 pages

Polarity Therapy Technique (Vol. I): Basic Protocols
by Howard Kiewe, RPP
Surveys 60+ studies on life energy and hands-on healing. Introductory theory and the general session. A complete one-hour Polarity session. 102 pages. 

Polarity Therapy Technique (Vol. II): The Elements
by Howard Kiewe, RPP
Techniques to balance the seven chakras and five elements. Learn the influence the physiological systems they control. 184 pages. 

Polarity Therapy Technique (Vol. III): Nervous System
by Howard Kiewe, RPP
Techniques to enhance autonomic system function. Profoundly relaxing, excellent for stress-related disorders . 124 pages. 

Polarity Therapy Technique (Vol. IV): Structure & Posture
by Howard Kiewe, RPP
Improve your client's posture and help remove the back, neck and spinal pains associated with structural imbalances. 150 pages. 

Polarity Therapy Technique (Vol. V): Cranial Sacral Therapy
by Howard Kiewe, RPP
A straight-forward presentation of powerful cranial contacts. A full hour-long session. 52 pages. 

New Paradigms for Life, Energy and Polarity Therapy
by Howard Kiewe, RPP
Surveys 60+ studies on life energy and hands-on healing. Includes original research measuring electromagnetic changes after Polarity. 18 pages. 

Somatic Empathy
by Leslie Korn, PhD, RPP
Cross-cultural, feminist scholarship integrating Polarity, psychotherapy and energy medicine for the treatment of traumatic stress disorder. 56 pages. 

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma
by Peter Levine, PhD, with Ann Frederick
Presents Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution theory and practice. 274 pp. 

The Therapeutic Art of Polarity: An Instructional Manual for the Associate Polarity Practitioner
by Eleanora Lipton, RPP, & Alexandra Faer Bryan, RPP
A complete Associate Practitioner level course manual, recently expanded and revised. 115 pages. 

Being with Babies Vol. I
by Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD
What babies are teaching us, an introduction. 16 pages.

Being with Babies Vol. II
by Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD
Supporting babies' innate wisdom. 30 pages. 

Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners
by Amadea Morningstar
A blend of recipes, Ayurvedic principles and understanding; Polarity Health Building and Purifying diets are discussed. 395 pages.

You Have a Fine Head on Your Shoulders- Self-Help for Cranial Integration
by Mary Louise Muller, RPP

Somatic Re-Sourcing
by Mary Louise Muller, RPP
Synthesis of Somatic, Polarity, and Craniosacral Therapy for healing trauma. 50 pages. Book,  With chart, .

Murrieta Vegetarian Cookbook
by Murrieta Foundation
Recipes for Dr. Stone's Health Building & Purifying diets. 232 pages. 

Polarity Therapy and Myofascial Release Integration
by Mary Jo Ruggieri, PhD, RPP
Course manual blends Polarity and Myofascial. 56 pages. 

Creative Menopause
by Farida Sharan, MDMA, ND, MH, RPP
Energy-based view of women's health issues, especially menopause. 147 pages. 

Herbs of Grace
by Farida Sharan, MDMA, ND, MH
A complete guide to using herbs for healing, strongly influenced by Polarity. 154 pages. 

The Polarity Process
by Franklyn Sills
Prize winning summary of Polarity Therapy theory; well-illustrated, clearly organized and written. 191 pages. 

Listening with your Hands
by Gabriella Tal
Gives basic Polarity Therapy principles within a highly personal and poetic presentation. 51 pages. The Art o

The Art of Polarity Therapy: A Practitioner's Perspective
by Phil Young, RPP
Explores being a Polarity practitioner, including theory & technique. 138 pps.

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