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Bruce Burger, MA,RPP,RPE, is the founder of Heartwood Institute (1978) and the Heartwood Community (1981). Heartwood was a center for professional training in holistic healing. Located on 200 acres in Northern California, Heartwood was  an eco-village, utopian community and one of the world's leading centers for professional training for careers in massage, somatics, asian healing arts, personal growth facilitation and spiritual healing. Heartwood ended its career traing programs in 2008.

Bruce holds a B.S. from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania and an M.A. from The New School for Social Research. Trained in Sociology and Psychology, Bruce has been a member of the faculty of the University of Nevada, Newark State College and Rutgers University. In 1972, he left academia and spent a number of years traveling and studying in Asia and India, in search of a deeper understanding of the human condition. He was guided to Polarity Therapy and has been teaching spiritual healing and transformational bodywork through Polarity Energy Balancing on a daily basis since 1977.

Bruce served on the Board of Directors of The American Polarity Therapy Association for five years. He is the author of Esoteric Anatomy:The Body as Consciousness.

He is currently on the faculty of: Ananda College of Living Wisdom, Nevada City, CA.

Bruce enjoys: grandparenting, bird photography, chanting, hiking in nature, spiritual pilgrimage, and is webmaster for Vanamali Ashram in India.

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